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I’ll get the sad part of this story out of the way right now... this is just a rumor. As much as we’d love to know for sure that visionary directors Bong Joon-Ho and J.J. Abrams are joining forces, /film has provided just a hushed whisper hope that this will actually go down. No solid evidence just yet.

According to their source, /film is reporting that Bong and Abrams have had “extensive” meetings in Korea about a possible collaboration in the near future. Why would this be very exciting, you ask? Because both directors are forces to be reckoned with, each with a wildly different visual style, but a common immense ability to reel a viewer deeply into a story as intimate as something like Bong’s Mother, or as vast as Abrams’ Star Trek. There’s no talk yet of what exactly the movie will be and both film makers have taken on many genres making it difficult to hypothesize. My guess though? There’ll be a monster involved.

Abrams would be producing while Bong directs, a set up that we know works as proven by Cloverfield which was directed by Matt Reeves and is shockingly similar to Bong’s Korean masterpiece The Host. If you watch these movies back to back you’ll know why nerds across the web are so excited for this pairing.

J.J.’s mass appeal and Bong’s ability to craft a thrilling, character-driven epic will produce what can only be expected to be an instant favorite. All we can do at this point is encourage their pairing by writing about it and waiting with all our fingers and toes crossed. In the mean time, if you haven’t seen The Host you can scope it out instantly on Netflix.

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