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Rodrigo Cortés' Buried promises to be one hell of a movie watching experience. Why? Because it's 90-minutes of being trapped in a wooden box buried underground without escape. The premise itself is high concept, but making things even better has been the artwork. First there was the teaser poster, which made great use of negative space, and then there's the Saul Bass-inspired work seen here. Now I have to give the film credit for even making a press quotes poster exciting.

Lionsgate sent over the new one-sheet and it looks fantastic. Going in a different direction than the first two, the arrangement of the quotes gives a great sense of depth, as though you are looking down a tunnel at Ryan Reynolds. Screw blue and orange, forget floating heads. This is how you do artwork for films.

Check out the poster below and head over to our preview page to see it in its highest resolution.

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