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After his seven-year-long experiment with motion capture filmmaking, director Robert Zemeckis is ready to return to live-action. Paramount Pictures has sent out a press release announcing that Zemeckis' next film will be the drama Flight, starring Denzel Washington.

Set to go into production next month in Atlanta, Georgia, the film is based on a script by John Gatins (who also wrote the upcoming Zemeckis-produced Real Steel). The story is about a pilot named Whip (Washington) who is labeled a hero when he manages to safely land his damaged plane and save 98 lives. But while Whip is celebrated around the country, an investigation is launched to look into Whip's behavior the night before the incident. Zemeckis, Walter Parkes, Laurie MacDonald, Steve Starkey and Jack Rapke will produce the film.

The movie will be Zemeckis' first live-action film in over a decade. In 2000 he directed both Cast Away and What Lies Beneath, but since then has worked solely in computer animation, making films like The Polar Express, Beowulf and A Christmas Carol. Recently, however, the future of CGI motion-capture films has turned dark. In March of 2010 Disney shut down Zemeckis' motion capture studio and earlier this year, due to the tanking of Mars Needs Moms, resulted in the Mouse House shutting down production on the filmmaker's Yellow Submarine remake.

With one of the best actors around top-lining and an interesting story, Flight could be fantastic. October, however, is approaching quickly and there's still a lot of work that likely needs to be done. Expect to hear much more about this film, particularly in the casting department, over the next few weeks.

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