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A lot of good actors get caught up in cheesy Nicholas Sparks adaptations, from Kevin Costner all the way back with Message in a Bottle to Amanda Seyfried just last year in Dear John. But you have to start worrying when an actor goes back to the Sparks well twice, agreeing once again to weep, fall in love and be shot in soft focus. Sure the money is probably good, but don't you hold yourself to an even slightly higher standard?

So despite the obvious cheesy appeal of the new trailer for The Vow, which debuted at MTV, I really am a little worried about Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams, who are listed here as "from Dear John" and "from The Notebook." For McAdams, at least, I thought her cheesy romance days were over-- she and Ryan Gosling were an undeniably great couple in The Notebook, but she moved on from that to the really smart Morning Glory! And to Sherlock Holmes! But here she is playing a woman who comes out of a coma having forgotten her husband, and it's almost like she fell into a coma herself, forgetting she had other options for her career. Take a look below.

The fact that I unabashedly love both of these actors-- yes, including Channing Tatum-- means I'll probably see this anyway, give it a bad review but then watch it every time it comes on TV a few years down the line. But still, I'm a little disappointed in both of them. Hasn't Nicholas Sparks done enough damage already with his gauzy romances? Can't we let these talented actors move on? If you're not concerned with any of these things though, look for The Vow in theaters on February 10.

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