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None of the weekend's new releases were all that great-- you can read our reviews of The Vow, Journey 2 and Safe House to find out more-- but all of them are getting enough attention from audiences to make this an especially big box office weekend. According to numbers at Deadline, it's going to be the biggest non-holiday February weekend of all time, and the first time four major movies have opened to more than $20 million apiece on a non-holiday.

The big winner looks to be The Vow, which brought in $700,000 from midnight shows (who goes on date nights at midnight?!?) and another $15.5 million estimated on Friday. It's on track for a $39 million opening weekend, which will help it just edge out Safe House, also hugely beating expectations with an estimated $38 million for the weekend. The Phantom Menace and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island are neck-and-neck for third place, even though the Star Wars film outperformed Journey 2 on Friday-- $8.5 million vs. $6.5 million-- since the family film is more likely to make money over the weekend.

To put into perspective how big The Vow is, it's the biggest opener of Channing Tatum's career except for G.I. Joe, and the biggest non-Sherlock Holmes opener for Rachel McAdams-- yes, even bigger than Wedding Crashers. It's a bigger opening weekend than similar romances like Dear John, The Notebook and A Walk To Remember, and firmly establishes the "date night chick flick" as a genre to reckon with. Safe House, too, is a big deal for stars Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds-- needless to say it's doing way better than Reynolds' last film The Change-Up, and it's Washington's biggest opening weekend since American Gangster in 2007.

We'll have final box office numbers for you tomorrow, but if you're going to the movies this weekend and liking what you see, let us know in the comments!

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