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Earlier in the year Liam Neeson starred in The Grey and had some pretty bad luck with airplanes. In that particular story, while flying back home over the Alaskan tundra, his plane fails and crashes in the middle of nowhere and he finds himself leading his fellow survivors against an angry, territorial group of wolves. It looks like that lucky streak is set to continue with his newest project as well.

Variety reports that Neeson is currently in talks to star in the new action film Non-Stop. The project is being made by Warner Bros. based on an original spec script by John Richardson and Chris Roach. Big wig Joel Silver is serving as a producer along with Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman. The story centers on Neeson's would-be character, an air marshal who discovers a terrorist threat aboard an international flight. Jeff Wadlow, who is best known for directing the 2005 horror film Cry_Wolf, is attached to helm. The article doesn't mention when the production is scheduled to begin or when the project is aiming for release.

I'm not exactly sure when it was in Neeson's career that he decided to be a badass action star, but it's truly an amazing color on him. I'd honestly watch Liam Neeson punch a phone book for two hours and consider myself entertained. This movie kind of sounds like Air Force One with an air marshal instead of the president of the United States, but it still sounds pretty cool nonetheless.

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