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Everything we've seen so far in the marketing for Taken 2 suggest that director Olivier Megaton knows exactly what we want to see: Taken again, and double the Liam Neeson growls. Now a trailer has finally debuted, over at the Australian Yahoo, and though it may be the international trailer, it provides exactly what you'd want to see now matter what country you're in. Take a look below:

Yes, you do have to be a little patient while watching the thugs from the first film bury their dead and vow revenge, and then when Maggie Grace shows up doing her bizarre imitation of a teenager, it starts to feel like the dull opening act of Taken and not what comes next. But the minute Neeson's Bryan Mills gets on the phone with his daughter and instructs her on what to do next-- a clear callback to the "I have a highly specialized set of skills" scene from the first film-- you know what you're in for, and the brief glimpses at what's to come do not disappoint.

I also really like the Istanbul setting, and how the production seems to be taking a bit more advantage of the scenery than they did the first time around-- maybe the budget increases have served them well. No matter what, though, the surprising joy I got out of the original Taken, means I'll be all over Taken 2 come October 5-- this is the rare instance where, if a sequel does nothing but repeat the first one, I'll be perfectly happy.

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