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Say what you will about what we now can't avoid calling The Expendables franchise, but they sure know how to market to their strengths. The first movie was a medicore action movie that got attention for its crammed all-star cast, and now there's a sequel coming with even more old-school stars-- and you'd better believe Lionsgate is going to make sure you get a look at every single one of them. The stars of the movie have lined up for all of the posters we've seen so far, from this confrontational-looking banner to this fiery one. But the actors have aligned again for a different poster, this one a limited edition that will be handed out only at Comic Con later this week. The Los Angeles Times debuted it, and you can take a look at it below.

Unlike posters that are just photoshopped nonsense, this one actually started out as an oil on canvas piece. There will be 250 prints of the poster on specialty canvas paper, signed by the cast, that will also be handed out at the Con, so if you're going to be there you'd better be on high alert to get the Expendables poster that pretty much no one else will have. The big event, though, is the panel for The Expendables 2, happening on Thursday at the end of a day that also includes the panel for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2. I'm already laughing to myself at the sight of Twilight and Expendables fans waiting side by side in line to get into Hall H-- and since I'll be right there with them, I'll have a front row seat to whatever crazy culture clash that will be.

In fact, I won't be the only Cinema Blender watching everything unfold in San Diego-- there are six of us covering Comic Con altogether this year, more than we've ever had, so keep coming back this week for all the latest news out of the biggest comic convention in the world. It's going to be a crazy, and hopefully very exciting week.

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