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Genre-bending writer-director Rian Johnson's recently released sci-fi thriller Looper is not only dazzling critics with its compelling new take on the time travel subgenre, but also scoring with audiences, debuting at #2 its opening weekend behind Adam Sandler's record-breaking animated romp Hotel Transylvania. So just imagine how well Looper would have done at the box office if it were a bit more family friendly!

Thankfully, the gang over at Screen Junkies wondered what such a movie would look like. And so they have intercut Angels in the Outfield, which memorably starred a very young Joseph Gordon-Levitt, with another Bruce Willis time travel adventure The Kid--sprinkling in a dash of The Story of Us and pinch of The Whole Nine Yards--to come up a trailer from an alternative time line wherein Walt Disney Pictures made Looper as a kid-centered comedy in 1994. Check out the trailer for Disney's Looper below:

You got to hand it to the Screen Junkies--they nail all the clichés of '90s kid movie trailers, from the requisite shots of a wide-eyed child trying to make sense of the weird world of adults to the corresponding shots of adults acting like utter buffoons, to the chipper background score, and a schmaltzy tagline with a hint of wonder, "Sometimes your best friend turns out to be you…from the future." Now, I think the next natural step in this progression is to cut footage from Angels in the Outfield and The Kid to the audio of Looper's trailer. So someone get on that. Thanks.

Looper is now in theaters.

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