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There are a number of selling points for Flight, which plans to close this year’s New York Film Festival on Sunday evening, Oct. 14. The drama marks Robert Zemeckis’ first return to live-action filmmaking since his brilliant and riveting Cast Away. According to the trailer, it has a pulse-racing aerial sequence that shows a potentially drunken pilot landing a massive passenger jet. But the new poster decides to put the movie’s star Denzel Washington front and center, so people know exactly who they are going to see when Flight opens nationwide on Nov. 2.

Here’s the one-sheet, courtesy of HitFix:

The rain suggests sorrow and gloom. Yet Denzel’s character, the flawed Whip, is looking toward a warm glow. Does that suggest retribution for this persecuted figure?

Buzz slowly has been building around Flight as Oscar hopefuls begin to position themselves around the board. Washington appears to be a major player for a Best Actor nod. He reportedly gives a ferocious performance in Zemeckis’ production. But we’re also hearing that John Goodman’s spectacular in a supporting role, and Zemeckis also has Don Cheadle, Melissa Leo and Bruce Greenwood up his sleeve. Not to mention the effects that are being employed to create the harrowing flight wreck that triggers the plot.

Washington’s likely fantastic. Goodman, Cheadle and the cast should be ridiculously good. But I want to see Zemeckis get back to live-action drama after the animated, mo-cap efforts like The Polar Express and A Christmas Carol. Because if Flight is half as compelling as Contact, Cast Away or the Back to the Future trilogy, we’re in for something special.

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