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Liam Neeson doesn’t always seem like the most intrinsic of action stars, but when he steps into the shoes of CIA operative Bryan Mills, he always brings his A-game. Taken 2, the follow-up to Mill’s first revenge thriller, Taken, had a nice run in theaters, and will now be hitting homes just after the holidays. Taken 2 will fight its way on to Blu-ray and DVD on January 15.

As a sequel, Taken 2 begins its story soon after the events occurring in Taken. Mills couldn’t reach his daughter without incurring some sort of damage, but the men he was forced to deal with were not of the forgiving variety, and the relatives of those who took on the CIA operative begin to hunt the men down in the action-packed sequel. Taken 2 hasn’t been as well liked critically as its predecessor was, but it has brought in more money across the world, pulling in over $360 million worldwide. Not too shabby for a sequel.

If you are planning to shell out some cash to add to the studio’s overall intake for the flick, the Blu-ray combo pack, which comes with a DVD copy and Ultraviolet, may be the way to go (although think carefully on the Ultraviolet). This note is doubly important if you want to check out the Unrated version, which will only be available on Blu-ray. Additional special features include deleted and extended scenes and a few featurettes. A full list of Blu-ray and DVD extras is available, below.

Taken 2 DVD Special Features
  • Alternative Ending
  • FX Piece
Taken 2 Blu-ray Special Features
  • Unrated Cut
  • Black Ops Field Manual and Kill Counter
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes

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