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Just months after The Expendables 2 brought back a pack of our favorite old school action star, Bruce Willis is set to show he doesn't need a burly entourage to kick some major ass in A Good Day to Die Hard. However, the fifth installment of this frenetic franchise is a family affair. John McClane travels to Russia, looking to help out his estranged son Jack (Jai Courtney). But when he discovers his boy is a CIA operative working to stop a hijacking of nuclear arms, the two team up to save the day and sparks and bullets fly!

A few weeks back we got a look at the international trailer, which gave some insight into the plot but mostly reveled in callbacks to the first Die Hard. Now, Courtney attempts to ingratiate fans to the next generation of McClanes with the behind-the-scenes feature below. He details the plot, offers some background on Jack, and gives Fox an excuse to show off his muscular bod with a shot of him taking his shirt off. But his is not the only skin on display. Still, this is tame enough to be viewed at the office.

It looks like A Good Day to Die Hard has got a bit of the first film's sharp humor. Willis seems game for his return to McClane, and Fox has smartly peppered in some new hot leads to get heart rates pumping. The stakes are high and the action looks big and thrilling. The only thing that concerns me here is the truncated catchphrase at the end, "Yippee ki-yay." The full and four letter laden phrase made iconic in the R-rated Die Hard got cutoff by explosions in the PG-13-rated Live Free or Die Hard. While this latest feature hasn't yet secured its MPAA rating, I can't help but worry that the studio's desire for the broadest audience appeal possible will mean A Good Day to Die Hard will likewise be PG-13, and will likewise be weak in comparison to its source.

A Good Day to Die Hard opens on February 14th, 2013.

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