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What’s tougher to defeat than one McClane? Try two McClanes. That’s what Die Hard producers are banking on as they build up to A Good Day to Die Hard, the fifth installment in the hard-hitting action franchise that teams John McClane (Bruce Willis) with his now-grown son, John (Jai Courtney), on an adventure that finds them taking down terrorists in Mother Russia.

The latest poster for the February film surrounds the two McClanes in flames. It was posted on, and we have it here for you below:

Like most of the promotional material leading up to this Die Hard film, from the images to the trailer, this new poster doesn’t really tell us anything new about the sequel beyond the fact that Willis has agreed top resume his iconic role for another story, and things are going to get rough. He’s pretty beat up in the image (as McClane always ends up being), and the flames are, I guess, the universal symbol of distress in an action movie. The fire rises, Mr. McClane.

And honestly, that’s pretty much all Die Hard fans might need to know when it comes to yet another sequel: Willis is back, and he’s ready to kick ass. Audiences are going to get an early peek at Courtney as he’ll try and kick Tom Cruise’s ass in Jack Reacher, out in theaters on Dec. 21. And then we can strap in for another Die Hard, which swarms theaters on Feb. 14. John Moore directs. Skip Woods pens the screenplay. And countless European villains are expected to die. Yipee-kai-yay!

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