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Despite a splendid cast, a wild premise, and a relatively low budget, Seven Psychopaths didn’t make a large impression at the box office during its theatrical run, pulling in a little under $15 million. If you missed it in theaters, you’ll be able to catch the twisted comedy when it hits Blu-ray and DVD on January 29.

Seven Psychopaths stars the chronically under-appreciated Sam Rockwell, as well as Christopher Walken and Colin Farrell, in a film about writing screenplays and kidnapping dogs from dangerous and psychopathic gangsters. The flick also benefits from having Woody Harrelson play said gangster, that, and the fact that a fluffy and cut dog also features prominently in the flick. The R-rated flick was produced by Martin McDonagh (who also directed), Peter Czernin, and Graham Broadbent, the latter who also produced In Bruges, thus explaining the Farrell connection.

Surprisingly for a movie lacking in box office prowess, both the Blu-ray and DVD copies of Seven Psychopaths will come with a slew of extras. However, they all seem to be featurette-oriented, and some of the usual suspects are missing. So, if you were looking forward to deleted scenes, a gag reel, or even audio commentary, you might find yourself sorely disappointed. Fans will, however, get a look at shooting the film, as well as a making of extra, so if that suits your fancy, it may be worth purchasing. You can check out the full list of extras, below.

Seven Psychopaths Blu-ray and DVD Extras
  • "Martin McDonagh's Seven Psychopaths”
  • "Crazy Locations"
  • "Woody Harrelson is Charlie"
  • "Colin Farrell is Marty"
  • “Layers”
  • “Seven Psychocats”

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