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Based on everything (gory!) we are hearing (super gory!) about Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead remake (beyond the goriest thing you’ve ever seen!), we can imagine that a television-friendly 60-second spot might be hard to cook up. And yet, the above clip manages to set the stage for the chills producers Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are about to unleash on their loyal army of “Deadites.”

The clip premiered at Nerdist, and will air this Sunday night on AMC during the new episode of The Waling Dead. That makes perfect sense, given the audience Walking Dead speaks to.

The commercial sets up the basic plot. Mia (Jane Levy) is brought to a remote cabin in the woods to detox from her drug addictions. When one of her friends opens up a harmful book of the dead, the campers take turns being possessed by an evil spirit who likes to shed gallons and gallons of blood in various, vicious scenes.

Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, Jessica Lucas and Elizabeth Blackmore co-star in the film, which tries to reset Raimi’s 1981 original (while leaving the door open for a potential fourth Evil Dead, which may or may not ever happen). Our own Eric Eisenberg covered the daylights out of the Evil Dead premiere at South By Southwest, posting exclusive conversations with Campbell and Levy. He also learned that Alvarez is mapping out a sequel.

But first, this one has to open and please fans, which should begin once the horror movie reaches theaters on April 5.

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