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Will somebody get these motherfucking terrorists off of Samuel L. Jackson’s Air Force One plane?

In Big Game, the actor otherwise known as Nick Fury finally gets to play the President of the United States of America … only to find himself under attack. Deadline reports the casting news, saying that Jackson will escape from the downed aircraft in a safety pod, landing in the woods. There, he’ll be discovered and semi-recued by a 13-year-old boy who happened to be camping nearby. Together, the two will attempt to leave the woods while still being hunted by the evil men who’d like to finish what they started when they shot Air Force One out of the sky.

The trade site says that Big Game will be directed by Rare Exports filmmaker Jalmari Helander, making his English-language debut. The film will begin production in late summer, so casting should heat up soon. Buyers will be sought in Cannes, where producer Alex Garland will shop the title under Jackson’s name.

The actor is busy at the moment filming scenes for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, part of his ongoing deal with Marvel Studios. But it’s not like Sam’s only making superhero movies. He has supporting parts in Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake, and the troubled RoboCop reboot. He lent a voice to the animated Turbo, and filmed an adaptation of Yasuomi Umetsu’s Kite with director Ralph Ziman. I find it very hard to believe the no one ever thought to cast Jackson as the President of the United States before. Thankfully, he’ll get his turn soon enough in Big Game.

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