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School kids around the country have summer vacation in their sights. All that’s left, for most of them, is to complete a final exam and put a big, fat exclamation point on the past school year. And the same is going on at Monsters University, where Disney and Pixar Animation Studios are helping us gear up for their anticipated prequel with one last trailer, dubbed The Final Exam, that landed on YouTube.

I’m not seeing a ton of new footage in this final clip. Mike (Billy Crystal) still arrives at college ready to study scaring. He butts heads with Sully (John Goodman), a natural scarer from a long line of scarers. And the mismatched duo must compete in – and win – the dreaded Scare Games when they get themselves into hot water with the vicious Dean Hardscrabble (Helen Mirren), who doesn’t really believe in the potential of either monster.

And that’s where we encounter one lone problem with Monsters University. We already know these guys go on to become a pretty successful pair, thanks to the story being told in Monsters Inc.. How they get there will be part of the fun. The journey created by Pixar this time out does seem to be peppered with various rapid-fire college gags, some unexpected characterization for Monsters alums we thought we knew, and a stable of original characters who likely will be purchased in plush pr plastic form by parents swept up in the latest Pixar marketing madness.

Monsters University opens in theaters on June 21.

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