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Three years have passed since director Paul Greengrass took us into the heart of Baghdad in the Matt Damon-fronted Invasion of Iraq drama Green Zone, and now he’s back with another A-list star heading up another dramatic story inspired by real events. Named for the former captain of the MV Maersk Alabama cargo ship, Captain Phillips stars Tom Hanks as the Boston mariner who had to keep his cool for the safety of his crew when Somali pirates overtook their boat. In the latest clip released by Sony Pictures, you can see that terrifying moment, and the beginnings of Phillips’ and his crew’s ordeal.

What follows is teased in this tense 30-second spot:

Captain Phillips' harrowing high seas encounter occurred in April of 2009. Just a month later, Columbia Pictures snatched up Phillips life rights. By the winter of 2011, both Hanks and Greengrass had signed on, and the drama that would be named Captain Phillips was set for a 2013 release. By May of this year, Columbia rolled out the film’s first trailer, and reminding us all what an actual pirate story looks like.

Just days ago, Captain Phillips made its world premiere as it opened the New York Film Festival ahead of its fast approaching theatrical release. Rave reviews followed, including one from our own Katey Rich who declared, “With no explosions and only a handful of bullets, Greengrass creates one of the most impressive, captivating military spectacles in recent years….True stories this remarkable are rare, and movies about them that work this well are even rarer.” In fact, Katey was so impressed, she’s already proclaimed Captain Phillips a likely contender for the Academy Award’s Best Picture category, opposite Steve McQueen’s buzzed about biopic 12 Years a Slave, and Alfonso Cuaron’s breath-taking Gravity.

Lucky for movie-lovers all three of these films will be hitting theaters this month. This Friday sees the release of Gravity. Captain Phillips follows on October 11th, then 12 Years a Slave opens in limited release on October 18th. But if you can’t wait to see more of Captain Phillips, check out this Sneak Preview that Sony rolled out during the finale episode of Breaking Bad:

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