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The behind-the-scenes featurette you see above, titled “A New Vision,” was taken from the Blu-ray/DVD release of J.J. Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek reboot. In the video the directors talks in depth about how important it was to cast the right young actors in vintage, classic, household-recognized roles like Captain Kirk, Spock and Bones. And many of us (myself included) thought that Abrams’ selections – from the cocky Chris Pine to the calculating Zachary Quinto – were spot on. Mostly, it’s the way that these new actors settled into the subtle nuances of the original television show's characters. But now we even have photographic evidence that shows that Abrams and his cast were on the right track all along.

Reddit user ThatNordicGuy (brought to our attention by the good folks at GiantFreakinRobot) is responsible for an amazing Photoshopping job that has massaged the faces of Abrams’ Star Trek cast over the faces of William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and the original series legends. In most cases it works out pretty well:

Chris Pine

Spock Zachary Quinto

Star Trek Bones

In others, not so much...

Benedict Cumberbatch Khan

Even in Photoshop Benedict Cumberbatch really just doesn’t work as Kirk’s legendary nemesis, Khan. What is that, Ricardo Montalban’s mullet hanging down on Cumberbatch’s neck? It kind of makes him look like Julian Asange in the new Wikileaks movie, The Fifth Estate.

It’s funny that we’re still obsessing over Star Trek, even though Abrams has moved on to Star Wars, and the third chapter in the rebooted series is moving forward with some uncertainty (namely, who will direct the third Trek now that Abrams has jumped ship?) They'll also have to deal with the impressive number of logic issues and plot holes that Into Darkness created, which the How It Should Have Ended crew have summed up really well in their latest video:

How Star Trek 4 Went From Hyped To Not Happening

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