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Above is the first trailer for Felony, the latest Australian film featuring Joel Edgerton. Written by Edgerton and director Matthew Saville, the film concerns a cop who accidentally hits a boy in a car accident and attempts to cover up his involvement. Tom Wilkinson and Jail Courtney are the two cops who have to investigate, but one of them wants to go easy, and the other wants to get to the bottom of a troubling case.

The trailer showcases a pretty tense battle of wits, as well as a few potential... spoilers? Edgerton's cop tells his wife (Melissa George) and, naturally, she is not happy. And Tom Wilkinson eventually finds out, but recognizes Edgerton as a good cop, but he doesn't want to press further. It's Jai Courtney, using his normal Australian accent, who wants to push things forward. Oh, Jai Courtney, always making things worse. If you aren't making life hell for Tris in the Divergent movies, you're off killing Die Hard. Damn you, Jai Courtney.

While Felony is scheduled for August 28th release in Australia, the film doesn't yet have a stateside bow. Edgerton fans will catch him next in Exodus: Gods And Kings as well as next year's Jane Got A Gun , the docudrama Life, the suspense thriller Midnight Special and the Johnny Depp thriller Black Mass. No one's ever rushed out to see an Edgerton film, but everyone wants to work with him, and the guy's going to be everywhere in the next year. One of the reasons for this is that he's that rare commodity: the self-made movie star.

That's the trailer for 2008's The Square, which Edgerton co-wrote for brother Nash Edgerton to direct. Joel's been writing and contributing to scripts for awhile now, and he even received story credit for this year's The Rover . Writer-directors love actors who think like a writer, because it means they can sometimes come up with solutions on a set to crack a certain character or idea with minimal fuss. Someone deeply familiar with the collaborative process is much preferable to work with than someone who has only acted for themselves, with absolutely nothing else at stake.

Felony should be hitting theaters later this year, so look for it soon: as we mentioned before, an avalanche of Edgerton content is headed your way.

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