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The one and only Simon Pegg has been signed on to play the ultimate villain, the Devil, in a new horror-comedy, The Gathering. The film, already star-studded with the likes of Jeffrey Combs as Edgar Allen Poe, David Naughton as H.P. Lovecraft, and Doug Bradley as Bram Stoker will follow the famous authors as they are sent to purgatory to tell their best untold stories.

Among bickering and plenty of rivalry, the authors are told by the Devil that the best story will get them out of purgatory forever. In a recent interview with Fangoria, the director of the film, Jon Keeyes explains that the authors will dive much deeper than the popular stories they are famed for. He says:
"We’ve tried to put a spin on the essence of the stories they’re most well-known for. So Bram Stoker tells a vampire tale, but it’s not about Dracula. H.P. Lovecraft’s story is sort of RE-ANIMATOR-esque, set in the Victorian era. We’ve approached it with the idea of what these writers would be like all these years since they died. They’ve got a slightly modern sensibility, as if they’ve kept up with the changing times while they’ve been in purgatory, while still holding onto the personalities and nuances they would have had in the eras they lived in."

Keeyes goes further to explain that The Gathering will cover all of the horror sub-genres from vampires to werewolves to zombies to ghosts. The Devil, played by Pegg will serve as a comedic-horror element used in the framing segments.

While Pegg is more acclimated in the world of science fiction comedy, it’ll be an easy transition into a more horror-oriented comedy film. We’ve seen him take on zombies in Shaun of the Dead, defeat alien invasion in The World’s End and now we’ll get to see Pegg on the other side of the track, as the villain inflicting chaos on the world, and specifically these three beloved authors.

As a writer and comedian, we can expect some authentic Simon Pegg humor added to the mix in the new film, and this portrayal of the Devil may just end up as the funniest yet. Top it off with an all-star cast, and there are bound to be endless laughs.

Keyes also mentioned that while there is no official casting for Mary Shelley quite yet, "we’ve got a couple of major female names who have said they’d like to do it." Also, this isn’t Jeffrey Combs first time playing Edgar Allen Poe. He also portrayed Poe on stage in Nevermore, and in the Showtime Series Masters of Horror.

It’s going to be a big cast with others already signed on including, Clint Howard, Gunnar Hansen, Robert Englund, Udo Kier Lin Shaye, Ashley Laurence, Debbie Rochon, Bill Moseley, and William Sadler. Keeyes said that he hopes to start shooting in May 2015.

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