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Massive explosions, a terrorist hijacking and lots and lots of gunplay. Big Game screams Die Hard knockoff, and if it wasn’t for Samuel L. Jackson’s involvement, we probably would’ve instantly written it off as just another measly, unimportant action flick. But thanks to the first Big Game trailer, with its grandiose speeches on "9/11" and "big game hunting," we’re on board for its sheer ridiculousness.

"Find the President. Kill the sons of bitches who are after him. Bring him home." Now that sounds like a direct quote from White House Down or Olympus Has Fallen, but the premise isn’t. As seen in the Big Game trailer, a young boy named Oskari is sent off to survive on his own in the wilderness to eventually emerge into manhood. During his time in solitude, he encounters the President of the United States (Jackson), whose plane was shot down by terrorists. It’s up to Oskari to help the President find his way back to safety before the terrorists close in.

In addition to the trailer, a clip from Big Game has landed online. In an attempt to evade terrorist gunfire, Oskari and the President take cover in a freezer unit before tumbling over the mountainside. Of course, this wouldn’t be a Samuel L. Jackson movie without some signature lines, like "I’m the commander of the biggest, baddest, ass-kickin’ armed force on the planet," and we’ve got plenty of that here. We wonder if speeches like these are built into all of his movie contracts.

However, if neither the trailer nor the clip have sold you on this movie, take a look at the poster. We thought there was nothing more "Amurican" than that Rocky IV artwork with Dolph Lundgren immortalized as a mountain, but this is something else. This is what you get when you replace Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx with these two guys, and an exploding White House with an even more blazing airplane.

Big Game poster

The only things that Big Game has going for it are Jackson and this kid in full-on Hunger Games mode, and the materials so far work to their advantage. But this whole Die-Hard-in-the-woods thing looks cheap, and most of the scenes remain as cheesy as they look on the surface. Don’t get us wrong, we’ll probably still see this whenever it comes out to see just how insane the story gets. We’re still waiting for a U.S. release, but this looks like it’ll be coming to VOD.

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