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No, Olivia Newton-John Isn't Dying Of Cancer

Olivia Newton-John addressed the dark rumor that she has cancer and is dying.

John Travolta Weighed In On That Wild Grease Theory

Grease is a classic film with a huge fan base. It's also the home to one of the more popular and interesting fan theories on the internet. Now, one of the film's stars is weighing in on it.

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Grease Is Finally Giving Danny And Sandy The Kiss That Was Supposed To End The Movie

Rydell High's cutest couple never got their last kiss... until now.

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One Crazy Reason Grease’s Carnival Scene Was So Hard To Film

As it turns out, singing and dancing can have some major consequences.

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Billy Bush May Be Teasing TV Return In Bizarre New Video

Is Billy Bush headed back to television? If not, then what is up with this bizarre video?

What Olivia Newton-John Thought Of That Weird Grease Theory

Sandy herself has finally reacted to the popular and morbid Grease theory that has been breaking the internet.

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That Morbid Grease Theory Just Got Shut Down

Sorry, people who like really depressing things. Looks like Grease is still just a fun musical romp after all, because a recent fan theory just got shot down.

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This Grease Theory Is Super Morbid, But Interesting

For the most part, Grease is a movie that can be enjoyed by the whole family, but there's an especially morbid theory making its way around the internet that puts a damper on that.

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Why Grease: Live Almost Had A Different, Very Last-Minute Opening Number

The scale of Grease: Live was made evident during the opening number where pop vocalist Jessie J sang the title song and stomped through the gargantuan set of the show. Well, it turns out that number almost lost its effectiveness due to poor weather conditions.

The Dirty Lyrics That Were Changed For Grease Live

Before the big premiere of Grease Live!, we learned that the Rydell High-based musical would be changing some of its more risqué lyrics in order to make them more palatable for family audiences. Here's what was changed.

The Dirty Line Fox Cut From Grease: Live

It’s not uncommon for live TV programs based on popular TV shows to make some tweaks, but Fox’s upcoming Grease: Live production recently changed a dirty lyric to make it a little less offending to the audiences watching at home.

Wait, Elvis Presley And The Fonz Almost Starred In Grease?

Few musicals have stood the test of time like Grease. The 1970s film about high school kids in the 1950s has made numerous songs standards today and turned TV’s John Travolta into a bona fide movie star.

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Grease Is Getting A Live Musical With Vanessa Hudgens And More

The era of the live TV musical has apparently dawned. Taking a note from the NBC playbook, Fox has a live musical planned based on the hit musical Grease. Vanessa Hudgens and more have signed on to the new endeavor.

These 2 Fantastic Movie Dance Tribute Videos Will Make You Want To Dance

Whether it's a spontaneous bit of dancing or a more choreographed number, movie history is full of great dance moments. And as it happens, the internet is full of supercuts, but the above video and the sequel that followed rises above some of the rest, thanks in large part to great editing, as it looks like the creator really took the time to fit the dance clips together so they line up with the song.

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Weekly Recap Sept 17th: Syndicate Reboot, Grease The Game, Max Payne 3 Details

A rebooted and remade version of Syndicate, the old-school action-strategy game is in the works. Grease for Kinect is on its way and Rockstar finally spills the beans on the multiplayer and story details of the upcoming Max Payne 3.

Grease: The Game Coming To PS3, Xbox Kinect This October

Style-up your hair and put on those floods because it's time to go super old-school with Grease: The Game, which has been announced as a singing, dancing experience scheduled to arrive on the Xbox 360's Kinect and PS3's Move this October.

Two New Clips From The Upcoming Grease Sing-A-Long

While it’s not so enjoyable when spending time with people who can’t sing (yours truly grouped in with that bunch), one of the best things about musicals is the ability to sing along. While we all know and are

Grease Video Game Coming To DS And Wii

We've got chills and they're multiplying. 505 Games has announced that they've picked up the rights to publish a video game based on the 1950's musical Grease.

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