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Ben Stiller And Vince Vaughn Staged A Dodgeball Reunion, Check It Out

It's been over a decade since Ben Stiller went up against Vince Vaughn in the movies' most epic game of dodgeball ever seen. Now they're going to do it again.

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Vince Vaughn Will Be Fighting With The Rock For An Upcoming Comedy

Vince Vaughn has officially signed on to star opposite The Rock in an upcoming wrestling comedy, and we're already completely on board.

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Why Comedy Sequels Are So Hard to Pull Off

Is it really that hard to make an effective comedy sequel? Yes, yes it is, and for several key reasons you'll find in this handy editorial. Read on to see why it's hard to keep the laughs going for even the best comedies of our past.

Wait, Wedding Crashers 2 Might Actually Be Happening?

Wedding Crashers 2 could work, though I'm not sure anyone outside of Vince Vaughn's circle of friends is clamoring for it. Vaughn, himself, has moved on to more dramatic roles, like Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge (in theaters as we speak).

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Why Vince Vaughn Wanted His Hacksaw Ridge Drill Sergeant To Be Such A Hard Ass

Vince Vaughn recently opened up regarding his overall approach to his character in Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge. Here's what he had to say.

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9 Huge Things We Learned On The Set Of Vince Vaughn's Term Life

It's in the cavernous former factory and its shadows that we sit down to talk with the film's director Peter Billingsley, his leading man Vince Vaughn and co-stars Mike Epps, Hailee Steinfeld, and Bill Paxton.

Vince Vaughn's Term Life Trailer Is Action-Packed And Funny, Watch It Now

Vince Vaughn’s action-comedy Term Lifehas seen a long road. Once a cancelled project it was brought back from the dead and is now on the verge of release.

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Vince Vaughn's Term Life Dropped Its First Image And There's Something We Really Need to Discuss

Our first look at the upcoming Vince Vaughn action vehicle Term Life just arrived, and we need to have a very serious discussion about the way the actor looks. It's something.

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Elizabeth Banks Is Making A Movie Based On Mrs. Claus, And We Are So In

After years of obscurity, Mrs. Claus will finally take center stage in a Christmas movie produced by actress Elizabeth Banks. Get the details here.

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Vince Vaughn Joining Mel Gibson's WWII Drama Hacksaw Ridge

After experiencing a rough patch over the last few years in the feature world, Vince Vaughn is exploring the world of television and can currently be seen weekly on HBO's second season of True Detective. However, you shouldn't expect him to stay away from the big screen for long.

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6 Classic Characters The Next Jurassic World Needs To Bring Back

With Jurassic World ready to hatch an inevitable sequel, life will find a way to create some new and exciting dinosaur adventures to give everyone new nightmares. Here's hoping these six characters are around to fight for humanity in the next round!

True Detective Season 2: What We Know So Far

True Detective is coming off of a tightly written and critically acclaimed first season. It makes sense that HBO would want True Detective Season 2. Here's everything the world knows about the follow-up...

10 Actors Who Desperately Need A Hit

These 10 stars once sat on a Hollywood pedestal, collecting accolades and enjoying financial perks after cranking out hit after hit. But the well of creativity has run dry for these once bankable talents, and they could use a hit to boost them back up to the high echelon of Hollywood royalty.

The 10 Best Vince Vaughn Performances, Ranked

Vince Vaughn's upcoming turn in Unfinished Business has us thinking to his prestigious past and what his greatest ever performances have been. Here are our 10 favorite.

Why The Internship Was A Hot Mess, According To Vince Vaughn

Even though they’ve only led two comedies together, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s patter has warmed even the coldest of hearts. Wedding Crashers is regarded as the pinnacle of their on-screen chemistry, while their follow-up effort, The Internship, is viewed with less admiration. And even Vince Vaughn has admitted that the comedy was awash with problems.

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The Unfinished Business Redband Trailer Is Filthy, Sexual And Hilarious

We've already been treated to a red-brand trailer for Vince Vaughn's upstart office comedy Unfinished Business, but just to let everyone know exactly how raunchy and filthy it is, a new red-band trailer has just dropped, and you can check it out after the jump

Watch Vince Vaughn Do Drugs And Get Shot In The Unfinished Business Red Band Trailer

If you've been waiting for the comeback of Vince Vaughn to actually take place, we might have some good news for you. Watch the Unfinished Business red band trailer and see why Vaughn just might have found a second wind.

Vince Vaughn And Colin Farrell Officially Set For True Detective Season 2, Here's Who They're Playing

HBO has finally confirmed that Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell are on board to star in True Detective Season 2. There have been a lot of reports about casting for the second season of the crime-focused anthology series. Today comes word from HBO that two of the leads are on board and there's more casting to come.

Vince Vaughn In Early Talks For True Detective Season 2

The latest actor’s name circling True Detective's second season is none other than Vince Vaughn, who is reportedly in preliminary discussions to take a part in the darkness that Season 2 will bring. Is this decision money, baby?

Vince Vaughn’s ‘Rockford Files’ Movie Brings In 'The Town' Author To Pen The Script

In the original series, James Garner played the titular James Rockford: a gumshoe that, after wrongfully serving time in San Quentin, started his own Private Investigation business. Working out of a trailer he also lived in, Jim enjoyed serving justice just as much as he did a good drink or a witty comeback. Among the shows other trademarks were the catchy theme song, and a seemingly limitless answering machine (Seriously, how did that thing never run out of room?)

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