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Cillian Murphy: What To Watch If You Like The A Quiet Place Part II Star

Before he was evading sound-hunting monsters in A Quiet Place Part II, he was evading uncontrollable rage, transphobia, costumed vigilantes, and more.

John Krasinski Reveals The Inadvertent (But Cool) Way Steven Spielberg Influenced A Quiet Place II

John Krasinski talks about the cool way Steven Speilberg influenced A Quiet Place II.

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A Quiet Place Part 2 Streaming: How And When You'll Be Able To Watch The Emily Blunt Movie

Want to watch A Quiet Place Part II at home? We've got you covered...

Emily Blunt And John Krasinski Have Completely Different Opinion About The Aliens In A Quiet Place Part 2
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Updated List Of Major Movie Release Delays And Early Digital Releases Due To Coronavirus

In the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, a new epidemic affecting international film releases is on the rise

Why Being Forever Known As The Office's Jim Is 'One Of The Greatest Honors' Of John Krasinski's Life

Actor John Krasinski told CinemaBlend why he'll always appreciate being known as "Jim from The Office."

John Krasinski Says A Quiet Place 2's Very Real Bus Stunt Put His Marriage 'On The Line'

John Krasinski tells ReelBlend the incredible story of that one-shot stunt!

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Before A Quiet Place: Part II - 5 Things To Remember From The First Movie

Get ready for A Quiet Place: Part 2 by refreshing yourself on some of the key moments and facts from the first movie.

A Quiet Place 2: 5 Questions We Have After The First Trailer

The Quiet Place 2 trailer just got released, and we have a ton of questions!

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