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Shazam's Director Has Screened Aquaman, Here's What He Thinks

DC's next big superhero movie is almost here, and the director of the one coming after it just sounded off.

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What Willem Dafoe’s Vulko Was Going To Do In Justice League

He apparently was going to have a special gift for Aquaman.

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Why Aquaman’s Classic Comic Costume Presented Real Challenges To James Wan

The reveal of the orange-and-green Aquaman suit was so major. But James Wan had issues.

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Talking Aquaman With Zack Snyder Got Really Awkward, According To Amber Heard

Things can get confusing if you're lacking proper context.

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Jason Momoa Talks Filming In The Freezing Cold For Aquaman

It's a well-known fact that working on superhero movies can be a little over-the-top, given CGI sequences, tight costumes and more.

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This Rotten Week: Predicting Aquaman, Bumblebee, Second Act And Welcome To Marwen Reviews

We're heading into the holidays, and studios are ramping up the offerings so that everyone has something to see when vacation starts.

Why James Wan Turned Down The Flash Movie For Aquaman

When given the option between the Scarlet Speedster and Aquaman, the choice was clear.

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How Aquaman Filmed Nicole Kidman's Amazing Fight Scene In One Long Take

Atlanna's role will help fill in the backstory of Arthur Curry, and she'll even get a brief action sequence of her own.

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No, James Wan Isn't Contracted For An Aquaman Sequel

Like Patty Jenkins before him, James Wan is only signed on for his first DCEU film.

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James Wan Actually Pitched A Blade Reboot Years Ago

Before making a splash with DC's Aquaman, James Wan was interested in using his horror sensibilities to reboot Marvel's vampire hunter.

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ReelBlend #48: Avengers Trailer, Aquaman Reviews And Interviewing Clint Eastwood
The Aquaman Movie Uses Water, But Not Nearly As Much As You Think

Aquaman is cleaning up in international theaters already, and is making its way to theaters in the States on December 21.

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Jason Momoa Made A Serious Entrance For The Aquaman Premiere

Jason Momoa is having the best time playing Aquaman.

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Does Aquaman Feature A Lot Of Improv? Here's What Jason Momoa Says

Superhero movies aren't generally the types of projects most of us think about in relation to improv. Does Aquaman have any?

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Jason Momoa Has Backtracked On Having Trouble Using The Bathroom In Aquaman Suit

Crisis averted, everyone. He can go "poopsies" just fine.

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Aquaman Reviews Are In, Here’s What Critics Are Saying

James Wan's Aquaman is the next blockbuster to hit theaters, with fans hoping it would be the shared universe's second critical darling.

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Jason Momoa Says 'Swimming' Through Air For Aquaman Was Not As Fun As It Looks

Jason Momoa was super uncomfortable during Aquaman's wire work, and recently joked about how bad it could get.

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Jason Momoa Doesn't Blame Henry Cavill Or Ben Affleck If They're Done With DCEU

The future of the DC movie universe is far from clear in regards to two major characters, but if Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill are both gone, Jason Momoa totally gets it.

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It Took Aquaman Just Three Days To Top Wonder Woman's Entire Box Office Run In China
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Watch Jason Momoa's Game Of Thrones Spoof And More In Barefoot SNL Debut

Saturday Night Live put the Aquaman hero to good use last night.

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