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The Weird Back To The Future Prop Lea Thompson Saved From Part 2

From our interview celebrating the franchise's 35th anniversary!

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Seth Rogen's An American Pickle And 14 Other Dual Role Comedies To Check Out

So many great movies to choose from after you watch An American Pickle this weekend.

Back To The Future II: 10 Major Questions We're Still Asking

Cue the twinkly music... as we've got some questions.

11 Great Movies Coming To Netflix In May 2020

If you're looking for May's best, you've found them.

Back To The Future II And Lethal Weapon Stuntwoman Killed In Shootout
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Great Scott! Avengers: Endgame Fans Just Noticed The Coolest Nod To Back To The Future 2
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Happy Death Day 2U Has A Bunch Of Clever Back To The Future Tributes

This feature is loaded with spoilers for Happy Death Day 2U, so stop reading now if you haven’t yet seen the sequel.

Why Christopher Lloyd Was Really Nervous About Coming Back For Back To The Future 2

It took four years for the Back to the Future sequels to get underway in the late 1980s and while fans were certainly excited when it finally happened, one of the film's stars was actually quite nervous.

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Back To The Future 2’s Screenwriter Has Mixed Emotions Over The Cubs’ World Series Win

The Chicago Cubs have finally won the World Series for the first time in over one hundred years and even people who aren't Cubs fans are happy to see that streak end. Although, not everybody is thrilled, and we're not simply talking about Indians fans here.

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The Awesome Back To The Future Nikes Are Finally For Sale, Get The Details

In many ways, we already live in the future. Each one of us carries computers in our pockets and any movie you want is available to watch right now. However, there are a couple of major things we're missing in this new future, flying cars, and power laces.

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Netflix New Releases: Here's What's Streaming In October

Netflix has revealed what's coming to their streaming lineup in October, and they actually have some great offerings, including all three Back to the Future movies, Titanic, The Truman Show and more.

Netflix New Releases: Full List Of Movies And TV Shows Streaming Soon

Netflix continues to update its lineup with new titles each month. Here's the full list of movies and TV shows being added for streaming subscribers.

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11 Great Sci-Fi Films You Can Stream On Netflix Now

Comic Con: the geeky frontier. With Star Trek Beyond kicking things off at warp 9, you're going to be hungry for some prime sci-fi. Whether you're a part of the teeming masses, or just looking for something to entertain you after work, these 11 sci-fi greats will do the trick.

The Back To The Future Cast Is Reuniting, Get The Details

In 2015, we were all reminded that about how much fun the Back to the Future franchise is when we celebrated Back to the Future Day. However, 2016 will be the year that we get to see many of the cast members together again. The only catch, you’ll have to be in Northern California next month in order to see it.

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Back To The Future 2's 10 Best Gadgets, Ranked

Taking into consideration only the Back To The Future technology that doesn’t actually exist in our current world (video calls and biometric scanners are out), we’ve selected our 10 favorite gadgets from the movie and ranked them below. What is number one? Read on to find out!

Nintendo Celebrates Back To The Future Day By Re-releasing Wild Gunman

Nintendo has found a creative way to participate in the Back to the Future Day festivities today. They announced that they're going to re-release Wild Gunman, an NES game featured in Back to the Future: Part II.

Watch Doc Brown's Exclusive New Message To Back To The Future Fans

Through the Back to the Future series, we’ve learned that messing with the space time continuum is bad news, but also that our collective futures aren’t written, and we have an exclusive new video message from Doc Brown himself reminding us of that fact.

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Henry Rowengartner Is Attending NLCS Game 4, Expect Cubs To Win By A Million

Turns out that if the Chicago Cubs need a little help in their National League Championship Series game tonight, they'll have a former team member in the stands. Or at least the guy who played one.

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Pepsi Gets A Whole New Look To Celebrate Back To The Future

With the iconic Back to the Future franchise celebrating its 30th anniversary, a number of companies are joining in on the celebration to mark the glorious event. Among them is the soda company Pepsi who will be rolling out their product in a recognizable packaging.

5 Franchises That Were Upgraded By Recasting Major Characters

This week will see Ed Skrien try and replace Jason Statham’s place in pop culture as The Transporter franchise’s new Frank Martin – so we figured now would be a great time to take a look back at some of the instances where a franchise changing actors for a character actually worked out for the best.

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