The Weird Back To The Future Prop Lea Thompson Saved From Part 2

The Back To The Future trilogy is a series filled with amazing and memorable props. The DeLorean Time Machine is obviously king in that department, but these are also the movies that brought us hoverboards, auto-lacing shoes, and the “original” Frisbee. One can easily imagine the actors on set asking for the chance to keep a few things, wanting physical memorabilia from the experience – but you probably wouldn’t have guessed that star Lea Thompson wound up keeping the pair of fake breasts that she wore in Back To The Future II.

In celebration of Back To The Future’s 35th anniversary in 2020 – which has also been marked by the release of a brand new 4K box set – I recently had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing the actress recognized as Lorraine Baines McFly, and one of my questions was about items from set that she would up keeping to remember the making of the movies. When it came to the first one, she revealed that she had kept Lorraine’s entire ensemble from the Enchantment Under The Sea dance, including the dress, shoes, and jewelry, but far more surprising was the revelation that she held on to the prosthetic that she used for her enhanced bust line in the sequel.

For those that don’t recall, the prosthetic in discussion here is part of the costume that Lea Thompson wears as the alternate 1985 version of Lorraine, a.k.a. Lorraine Baines Tannen. In the horrible timeline created when 1955 Biff gets a sports almanac from his future self, Lorraine winds up marrying him and lives like a prisoner in a hotel/casino penthouse that her husband owns. When Marty shows up, it winds up causing a major fight, during which Lorraine reveals that Biff basically forced her to get breast implants. She yells in anger that her rotten spouse can “keep them,” which is funny to think about now knowing that Lea Thompson was actually the one who kept them. This delightful moment is captured in the screenshot below:

Lea Thompson alternate 1985 Back To The Future II

This marks yet another weird, wild story in the legacy of one of the most beloved film trilogies of all time, and if you’re now feeling inspired to experience the magic all over again there is a great opportunity. As noted earlier, the Back To The Future series has released its first box set in a decade – this one being the first to feature the movies in 4K. Check out the new package and it’s awesome bundle of extras, and then be sure to stay tuned here on CinemaBlend, as we have more content coming your way celebrating the big anniversary in the coming days, including more from my interview with writer/producer Bob Gale.

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