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Will Smith And Tommy Lee Jones Attached To MIB 3D

Remember when Will Smith movies used to be fun? I don't mean to insult the man, as he is certainly one of the coolest working in the film industry today, but it has been years since he put on that big goofy smile and fought the bad guys with a cocky attitude and a catchy rap song

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Sonnenfeld Walking On Air With New ABC Superhero Sitcom

Variety reports that a well-known director is developing a new sitcom for ABC that sounds suspiciously like The Greatest American Hero. Who could it be? Believe it or not, it’s just Barry Sonnenfeld. I can’t believe it myself...

Columbia Pictures Betting On Another Boy Genius

If a character has been around so long that everyone has forgotten about him, can he become original again? That might be the gambit that Columbia Pictures is going for, picking up a spec by Barry Sonnenfeld and BenDavid Grabinski that re-imagines boy genius Tom Swift

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