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Exclusive Blue Velvet Blu-Ray Clip: Isabella Rosselini Bares All

Isabella Rossellini is always a wonderfully frank interview, but it really is something to hear her talking about Dennis Hopper looking directly into her vagina and then laughing it off. I hope what comes right after this clip is David Lynch explaining, in his flat Midwestern accent, why this was absolutely the only way to shoot the scene, or that poor Kyle MacLachlan was somehow similarly put through the wringer

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Your guide to Netflix streaming is back with Harry Lime, David Lynch, and Alex P. Keaton.

Say Goodbye With Dennis Hopper's Greatest Movie Moments

Dennis Hopper had a life almost unlike any other. He's was a cowboy, an outlaw biker, a drug fiend, a madman, a criminal, a gun nut, a hippie, a republican, and an Obama supporter

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