Exclusive Blue Velvet Blu-Ray Clip: Isabella Rosselini Bares All

Blue Velvet isn't just one of the classic movies of the 80s, one of the best movies David Lynch ever made and one of the most unsettling things you'll ever see, it's also a gorgeous movie, filmed in rich color that accentuates all the truly surreal stuff going on in that small town of Lumberton, North Carolina. So thank God that the movie is finally coming out on Blu-Ray this week, not just with all the beautiful cinematography in full high-definition, but a bunch of bonus features to take you behind the scenes of the production.

As a preview of what you can expect on the Blu-Ray, which hits shelves tomorrow, check out this exclusive clip from the bonus features, in which Isabella Rossellini and the late Dennis Hopper discuss their experience shooting the film's rape scene. Turns out, it might have been as unsettling for them as it is for us to watch.

Isabella Rossellini is always a wonderfully frank interview, but it really is something to hear her talking about Dennis Hopper looking directly into her vagina and then laughing it off. I hope what comes right after this clip is David Lynch explaining, in his flat Midwestern accent, why this was absolutely the only way to shoot the scene, or that poor Kyle MacLachlan was somehow similarly put through the wringer. Hopefully there's much more where this came from, in addition to some new exclusive to Blu-Ray features, which include over 50 minutes of previously lost scenes and outtakes from other scenes. Even without any bonus features, though, Blue Velvet is obviously a must-own on Blu-Ray. Pick up your copy tomorrow.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend