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Why Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Don't Buy Their Kids Christmas Gifts

Think not giving gifts makes this Bad Moms star and her husband bad parents? Here's why they made the decision.

All The New Hallmark Christmas Movies That Are Coming This Year

Well, we are quickly approaching the holiday season again, and, for many people, Thanksgiving and Christmas just aren't the same without themed movies to help make the season bright. And, the Hallmark and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channels are, as usual, doing everything possible to become your destination for all things feel-good during the last months of the year.

Disney Is Eyeing Anna Kendrick For An Intriguing Christmas Movie

Anna Kendrick has delved into kid-friendly territory before with her voice work in Wreck-It Ralph and Trolls. It looks like she may be continuing down that kind of path, as Disney has her in mind for a Christmas movie.

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How Kim And Kanye Spent The Holidays, According To Insiders

Following some troubling times and rumors of a split, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got together with the family to celebrate the holidays.

Elf Looks Shockingly Scary In This Horror Trailer Remix

Will Ferrell's Elf has succeeded in becoming a holiday tradition for many people over the last few years, but a new trailer makes us wonder if the movie isn't more suited for Halloween.

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Meet The Mall Of America's First Santa Of Color

Despite the alleged War On Christmas we've all been hearing about for decades, Santa Claus is just as popular as ever. His appearance, however, is starting to look a little different.

The Kind Message JK Rowling Shared For Those Having A Rough Christmas

Christmas can be a difficult and lonely holiday for those going through a rough time. Factor in social media's displays of warm, family-filled holidays and the situation may feel even worse.

Courtney Stodden Made A Really Dirty Christmas Music Video And It Is All Kinds Of NSFW

She's back with a Christmas song, and it might be the dirtiest holiday jingle ever recorded.

Chewbacca’s Rendition Of Silent Night Is Just What Star Wars Fans Need For The Holidays

Everyone's favorite Wookiee has a holiday surprise for all to enjoy for the years to come. No, it's not the return of Chewbacca Mom, but Chewie proper singing a rendition of "Silent Night" that'll leave you in tears. Whether they're of joy, laughter, or sorrow, is up to you.

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Mariah Carey Jams Out To All I Want For Christmas At Home, Because Of Course

Even Mariah Carey can't get enough of her Christmas anthem "All I Want For Christmas Is You." The singer had an adorable impromptu performance of the song with her son Moroccan in her kitchen.

One Seriously Lucky Reddit User Got Bill Gates As Their Secret Santa

Bill Gates is giving Santa Claus himself a run for his money this year. The tech mogul surprised on Reddit user with a treasure trove of goodies for Christmas.

Little Boy Dies With Santa By Him Side, And The Story His Heartbreaking

Here's the saddest story you'll hear this holiday season.

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