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The Woman Dani Mathers' Body-Shamed In A Gym Locker Room May Be Seeking Justice

Playboy model Dani Mathers got herself into hot water earlier this summer, when she Snap-chatted a photo of herself giggling at a nude woman in an L.A. Fitness gym locker room.

Nintendo Addresses Gay And Drugging Controversy In Fire Emblem

Nintendo has come under fire about a conversation in Fire Emblem Fates that was blasted throughout certain social communities and eventually found its way into gaming media. The company issued a response to assuage some of the controversy and put to rest some of the concerns that came up based on some posts made by fans on social media.

Utah’s KSL Ships The Playboy Club Off To Side Channel, Anti-Porn Groups Unappeased

Luckily, the ban stands no longer, as KMYU-TV, the MyNetworkTV station in Salt Lake City, has opted to pick up The Playboy Club. Unfortunately for The Playboy Club, a resolution in Utah doesn’t end the debate.

Even The Kick-Ass Cast Thinks It's Too Violent

Kick-Ass hasn’t even been released yet and already there are rumblings from parent groups who plan to protest the film. At issue is the character of Hit Girl, an eleven-year-old masked avenger played by eleven-year-old Chloe Moretz

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