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The Kardashians May Have Bested Blac Chyna In Court

Blac Chyna is trying to sue to the Kardashians for the cancellation of her E! series, but it's not going well.

Why E! Paid Catt Sadler Less Than Jason Kennedy

The network finally broke its silence on the issue.

Rose McGowan Is Getting Her Own TV Docu-series

It looks like the Charmed star will be returning to the small screen, in a new E! docu-series called Citizen Rose.

See The First Look At The Royals Season 4

The Royals will return to E! for Season 4 in 2018, and we now have a first look that points to an intense and entertaining new batch of episodes. Take a look!

Why Catt Sadler Is Really Leaving E! News

E! News co-host Catt Saddler recently announced that she would be leaving the show. Now she has explained just why she made that decision.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Kris Jenner Is Making A Ton Of Money In New E! Contract

A new deal has been ironed out for more seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians on E! and Kris Jenner will be taking home a whole lot of money.

Fashion Police Is Finally Ending At E!

No TV show can last forever, and we know now of one more series to get the axe. Fashion Police is ending on E!

Blac Chyna Is Suing The Kardashians Over Her Reality Show Getting Cancelled

Things have gotten litigious between Blac Chyna and the Kardashian clan.

How Kim Kardashian Reacted To Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy News

It sounds like Kylie Jenner's big sis, Kim Kardashian, grappled with some feelings upon hearing the news. Get the details.

The Sex Of Kylie Jenner’s Baby May Have Been Revealed

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott supposedly are expecting a baby, and now we might know the sex.

Mariah's World Cancelled At E!, No Season 2 Happening

After a one season (tumultuous) stint at American Idol, Carey launched her own series this past year on E!, titled Mariah's World. And it looks like E! isn't bringing it back for Season 2.

That Jersey Shore Reunion Is Happening On A Completely Different Channel Than MTV

Put the fist bumping on pause because the Jersey Shore cast just flipped the script.

Maria Menounos Is Leaving E! News After Recent Brain Surgery

Actress and TV host Maria Menounos is stepping down from her E! News duties after revealing she'd recently had some series health issues.

Why You Don't Know Kylie Jenner, Even If You Think You Do

We don't have to know Kylie Jenner to find her interesting, and that is a good thing because she's now saying we don't know her at all.

People Are Not Pleased After Kim Kardashian Called A Woman A Whore On TV

The most recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians featured Kim calling another woman a "whore," among other things, and viewers didn't really care for that.

The Arrangement Renewed For Season 2 By E!

Call your contract husband and add a clause for more episodes of The Arrangement! E! has some good news for fans.

Kim Kardashian Revealed Disturbing Details About The Paris Robbery In Sunday's KUWTK

Kim Kardashian's horrifying robbery in 2016 got brought to light in Sunday night's Keeping Up With the Kardashian, where the socialite shared some horrifying details.

Is The Arrangement Actually A Scientology Thing? Here's What One Star Says

E! debuted one of the most intriguing new series of midseason with The Arrangement, which tackles topics that viewers might note bear some similarities to Scientology. Star Lexa Doig chatted with CinemaBlend about what inspired the show.

When Keeping Up With The Kardashians Will Address The Paris Robbery

Season 13 of Keeping up with the Kardashians was briefly put on hold, but now the new season is moving forward soon, and Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner popped up on a recent episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about what the Kardashians will be up to.

Former E! Reality Star Lisa Marie Naegle Was Found Murdered

We'll bring you more updates as this story progresses. In the meantime, our hearts go out to Naegle's family during this tough time.

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