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Amy Adams Teases Enchanted 2’s ‘Humbling’ Musical Numbers, Now Give Her A Duet With Idina Menzel

Disenchanted is coming to Disney+, and Amy Adams described the new challenges of the musical numbers.

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Enchanted 2’s Idina Menzel Talks Reuniting With Amy Adams For Disney+’s Sequel

It sounds like the cast of Disenchanted had a pretty magical time on set.

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Enchanted 2 Has Wrapped, See How The Director And Amy Adams Celebrated

Disenchanted is finally in the can, so bring on Amy Adams' musical numbers.

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8 Great Enchanted Disney References Ahead Of Amy Adams' Disenchanted

Disney really broke the fourth wall with Enchanted and we don't talk about it enough.

Enchanted 2: Maya Rudolph Breaks Silence On Villainous Disney+ Role

Sounds like Disenchanted landed Maya Rudolph at exactly the right time.

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Why Enchanted’s Sequel On Disney+ Took So Long, According To Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey explains the long wait for Disenchanted.

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Two More Enchanted Characters Have Been Confirmed For Disney+’s Sequel

Disenchanted is coming to Disney+, and two more stars are returning.

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Enchanted 2: What's Going On With Disney's Disenchanted

When will we return to the animated kingdom of Andalasia?

7 Disney Characters Who Deserve Their Own Disney+ TV Show

Disney+ needs to start working on more series about their Disney universe characters like now. I need it and want it.

Alan Menken Gives Updates On Little Mermaid And Enchanted Sequel

Alan Menken is apparently thriving in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

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James Marsden Has A Blunt Answer About Enchanted 2 Questions
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What’s Happening With Amy Adams’ Enchanted Sequel, Disenchanted?

Titled Disenchanted, the project has long been in development, and CinemaBlend just got an update from director Adam Shankman.

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Why Enchanted Didn't Bring Giselle And Edward Together At The End, According To The Director

The little-known but heated debate of Team Edward vs. Team Robert sees Enchanted's director pick a side.

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Enchanted 2 Just Took A Major Step Forward

While Enchanted worked excellently as a one-off tale, a sequel was was later announced, although it's been languishing in development hell ever since. However, it now look like Enchanted 2 is back on track with this big change.

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Watch The Drop Dead Gorgeous Trailer Redone With Disney Princesses

The internet is a sea of funny parody videos and memes. Those looking for one of the better filters for such amusing distractions need only to "like" George Takei on Facebook. The actor and author frequently posts funny pictures and videos, usually adding some funny (or punny) comment of his own. Today, one of his offeringswas the video above, which mashes the Drop Dead Gorgeous trailer with various Disney Princess scenes.

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Enchanted 2 Is Happening At Last

Even though it was one of those ephemeral, elegant things that only worked through some combination of talent and luck, we all knew the moment that Enchanted became a hit, a sequel wouldn't be far behind. But for some reason it's taken over two years

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Stills: Enchanted Recreates Disney Magic

We’ve gotten our hands on a baker’s dozen images that takes frames from the movie and compares them to Disney’s most memorable pictures.

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