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Disney+'s Disenchanted Updated Cast List Includes Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey And More

Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey in a gondola in Enchanted "How Do You Know" sequence
(Image credit: Walt Disney Studios)

Quicker than you can say Disney live-action remake, in 2007, Amy Adams’ Giselle went from 2D to 3D and in the flesh during Enchanted. The modern musical fairytale served as a fun love letter to the Mouse House's classic princesses and was a charming comedy for the whole family. Soon, Disney will revisit that world, with the upcoming Enchanted sequel, Disenchanted, set to premiere on Disney+ later this year. As we wait for its release, we have its official and updated cast list all dressed up and ready. 

Disenchanted will be directed by Adam Shankman, who previously helmed another musical in 2007’s Hairspray, along with classics like The Wedding Planner and A Walk To Remember. The movie will feature new music from Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz after the pair previously wrote the music for Enchanted. Check out who is starring in the upcoming movie: 

Amy Adams as Giselle in white dress in NYC in Enchanted

(Image credit: Disney)

Amy Adams

An Enchanted movie just couldn’t happen without Amy Adams, and the actress is indeed returning to the role of Giselle from Disenchanted. The movie will take place 15 years after Giselle’s happily-ever-after with Robert and follow the couple as they move to a new house in a town called Monroeville. When speaking about reprising the role last year, Adams said it was “humbling” to do even more singing and dancing “not in my 20s.” She’ll kill it, for sure! 

Patrick Dempsey as Robert in Enchanted

(Image credit: Disney)

Patrick Dempsey

Giselle’s true love Robert is also back, with Patrick Dempsey returning to complete Enchanted’s sweet romantic pairing. In the 2007 flick, Giselle and Robert were complete opposites and from completely different worlds, with her being from a literal fairytale and him being a widowed divorce lawyer. But as the events of the film take place, Robert and Giselle fall for one another and form a cute family with Robert’s young daughter, Morgan. I'm curious to see what Robert and Giselle's relationship is like over a decade later.

James Marsden singing as Prince Edward in Enchanted

(Image credit: Disney)

James Marsden

The jolly singing Prince Edward of Andalasia will also return in Disenchanted. James Marsden will play the role once again after he provided some particularly memorable and hilarious moments in the original. While he and Giselle originally fell in love in the fairytale world, once Giselle met Robert, Edward also found a new partner in Robert’s girlfriend Nancy, and at the end of the film, they got married in Andalasia. I wonder what life is like for them now. 

Idina Menzel as Nancy in Enchanted

(Image credit: Disney)

Idina Menzel 

Nancy is also back for Disenchanted, once again being played by the talented Idina Menzel, who has since become a Disney princess herself as the voice of Elsa in Frozen. Funny enough, in the first movie, Menzel did not get to sing a single song, despite her incredible voice. This time around, the actress will get a music number or two. Which makes sense, because as you can imagine, spending time in Andalasia inspires the song in people. 

Gabriella Baldacchino being surprised that she is playing Morgan in Enchanted over voice call with Adam Shankman

(Image credit: Disney Twitter )

Gabriella Baldacchino

Robert’s daughter Morgan has grown up since Enchanted, and in Disenchanted, she will return. However, the original actress has been replaced with newcomer Gabriella Baldacchino. Morgan was originally played by Rachel Covey, who is not currently working in acting. (Covey has gone on to write and score her own musical called, Painting Faye Salvez though, so good for her!) Baldacchino is 21, has a musical theatre background and will make her feature film debut with Disenchanted. The above image is from Disney’s announcement of the actress’ involvement, where they surprised her over video chat. 

Maya Rudolph in The Good Place.

(Image credit: NBC)

Maya Rudolph

Disenchanted's villain will be played by Maya Rudolph, as the actress herself shared last year. In the 2007 movie, Giselle was haunted by Susan Sarandon’s Queen Narissa, who was Prince Edward’s evil stepmother, a sorceress who felt threatened by Giselle becoming the new queen. Rudolph’s villain will reportedly be Malvina Monroe, a woman who oversees the new neighborhood Giselle and Robert move into. She'll have ill intentions for the family, leading to the central conflict of the film. 

Oscar Nunez in The Office

(Image credit: NBC)

Oscar Nuñez 

Also among the new cast joining Disenchated is Oscar Nuñez, who is well known for playing Oscar Martinez on The Office alongside Steve Carell, John Krasinski and the rest of its hilarious cast. The funny actor has also been seen in movies like 2009’s The Proposal and 2017’s Baywatch. We don’t know what role Nuñez will hold in Disenchanted, but his character is reportedly named “Edgar.” 

Yvette Nicole Brown as Shirley Bennett in Community

(Image credit: Sony Pictures Television)

Yvette Nicole Brown 

It looks like Disenchanted will be packed full of comedy moments considering all these funny actors in the supporting cast. Yvette Nicole Brown is also part of the Disenchanted cast in a role said to be “Rosaleen.” The actress is best known for playing Shirley in Community, Dani in CBS’ The Odd Couple and as Dina in ABC’s The Mayor. She has also held numerous movie roles in films, including Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Avengers: Endgame and Repo Men

Jayma Mays as Emma in Glee

(Image credit: FOX)

Jayma Mays 

Also in the cast of Disenchanted is Jayma Mays, who is most recognizable as Emma Pillsbury in FOX’s musical series Glee. The actress has also previously held roles in 2011’s The Smurfs movie, Paul Blart: Mall Cop and in a recurring role in The Millers. The actress is expected to play the role of “Ruby,” but we don’t know what that will entail. One observation this writer has is how much of a resemblance she holds to Amy Adams. Maybe they are sisters or cousins in Disenchanted

Kolton Stewart in Locke & Key

(Image credit: Netflix)

Kolton Stewart 

Locke & Key’s Kolton Stewart, is also set to star in Disenchanted as Tyson Monroe. Given the character’s name, we’d expect the 22-year-old actor to play the son of Maya Rudolph’s villain. Given he is of a similar age to Morgan, we’d also imagine they could be friends or even young love interests. Like much of the cast of the Enchanted sequel, Stewart has a song and dance background. 

Ann Harada in schmigadoon!

(Image credit: AppleTV+ )

Ann Harada

There’s also some impressive Broadway talent joining the musical as well. Ann Harada notably was part of the original cast of award-winning Broadway musical comedy Avenue Q as the character of Christmas Eve, along with taking the stage for Les Misérables, 9 to 5 and Cinderella. Harada recently starred in Apple TV+ musical series Schmigadoon! and guest starred in Blue Bloods.  We don’t know what the actress’ role in Disenchanted is yet. 

Michael McCorry Rose singing Being Alive with the Steamboat Springs Symphony Orchestra

(Image credit: Michael McCorry Rose YouTube)

Michael McCorry Rose 

A newcomer to Hollywood, Michael McCorry Rose will be part of Disenchanted as well. The actor has been part of Broadway musicals, including the Tony Award winning musical A Gentleman’s Guide To Love and Murder, along with being part of the casts of Wicked and the first National Tour of Anastasia. He has long collaborated with one of Disenchanted’s songwriters Stephen Schwartz, and has also performed with orchestras and symphonies. He is reportedly playing a prince in the Disney flick. 

James Monroe Iglehart as Genie in Aladdin during a performance on Good Morning America

(Image credit: Good Morning America)

James Monroe Iglehart

Broadway’s Genie James Monroe Iglehart will also be in Disenchanted in an undisclosed role. The actor won a 2014 Tony for bringing Genie to life in the Aladdin stage musical, but he also took the mantle of Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in Hamilton from 2017 to 2021. He also voiced the role of Lance Strongbow in Disney Channel’s Tangled series among many other TV credits.

That’s quite the exciting cast leading the highly-anticipated Enchanted sequel, fifteen years after the original movie hit theaters. The movie wrapped filming in August 2021 and will soon be exclusively available to stream for those with a Disney+ subscription. While the movie does not have a release date yet, you can stay up to date on upcoming 2022 release dates here on CinemaBlend. 

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