Amy Adams Recalls The Exact Moment She Realized Enchanted Was Connecting With Disney Fans

Amy Adams singing as Giselle in Enchanted
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15 years ago, Amy Adams became a live-action Disney Princess in Enchanted, and it was a smash hit. As the actress returns to Giselle in Disenchanted, which is part of the latest Disney+ releases coming this weekend, the actress is reminiscing about the moment her delicate and song-and-dance fairytale character was introduced to audiences. 

CinemaBlend attended the Disenchanted virtual press conference, Amy Adams was asked to recall an early memory about the original 2007 film that sticks with her today. Here’s what she shared: 

I do remember feeling really scared the first time I watched it with an audience. I was in London, and it was very quiet for the first bit of the movie while people sort of started to understand what they were seeing. And then I remember after 'Happy Working Song', there was a shift in the energy where the audience sort of started to go on the journey with us. And it was a really overwhelming feeling for me. It let me know that they understood what we were doing and that they were sort of understanding Giselle's purity. And it was a really wonderful moment. So, I do remember that. And, that was a very special moment for me. Yeah, it was really early on in my career too. So this movie has meant so much to me in so many ways. So I'm just grateful to get to come back and revisit Giselle at this point in my life.

The original movie came out during 2007’s Thanksgiving holiday to a No. 1 opening weekend and an overall $340.5 million worldwide haul. The movie also received a lot of critical acclaim and the adoration of Disney fans. Disenchanted will premiere on streaming exclusively for those with a Disney+ subscription

Disenchanted follows Giselle and Robert over a decade after the events of the first movie. The pair are married and have a baby of their own, and Robert’s daughter is a teenager. When they decide to move to a fixer upper in the suburbs, the family reaches new tensions that leads to Giselle wishing for a fairytale life. With real magic listening in on her wish, she changes the whole makeup of her new town, including becoming an evil stepmother to Morgan, as the Disenchanted trailer teases.

During the press conference, Amy Adams also spoke to how it felt to reprise her Enchanted role all these years later, saying:

I feel like Giselle never left me. Adam will say this, we were in the meeting with Disney and I just flipped right back into it and like talking about where I thought she was and I just was realizing that it was the right time. Like she was in there ready to come out.

Beside Amy Adams, we're also reuniting with Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden and Idina Menzel, along with a ton of new Disenchanted cast members, like Maya Rudolph as the villain, newcomer Gabriella Baldacchino as a teenaged Morgan and more. Just like Enchanted squeezed in a ton of Disney references, so does Disenchanted as a new story about these beloved characters unfold.  

You can see Amy Adams’ return as Giselle when Disenchanted lands on Disney+ on Friday, November 18. 

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