Fans Are Having A Blast Watching Disney+’s Disenchanted, See Their Responses

Amy Adams smiling in Disenchanted
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Many people who have tuned in to catch the highly anticipated sequel to the early aughts Disney classic Enchanted seem to be having a magical and hilariously fun time watching it. As more viewers continue to watch Disenchanted they are sharing their thoughts about the nostalgic sequel, and we’ve compiled a few of the very best ones. 

Even though the film has received mixed reviews from critics, it’s clear that fans have been having an absolute blast as they stream Disenchanted with their Disney+ subscriptions. Take this user as an example, they, like me, grew up with Enchanted and used a both hilarious and accurate iCarly meme to tweet about their affection for Disenchanted

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I feel like this meme in particular really captures what it felt like to sit down and watch Disenchanted all these years after Enchanted. I was 8 years old when the first film came out, and I truly was enchanted by it, so watching the sequel as a 23-year-old brought back all my warm, magical feelings and love for the original. 

Another person on Twitter also tapped into all the nostalgic feels with a hilarious meme from The Office, as they posted: 

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Others were psyched to see the return of James Marsden’s over-the-top and lovable Prince Edward. While it felt like there wasn’t enough of Edward in the trailers, and he wasn't in too much of the movie, he did provide some of the most memorable moments, in my opinion. One fan was also incredibly enthusiastic about Marsden’s return as the prince, tweeting

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While there were lots of fans commenting on the movie as a whole, others were hyper-focused on the music, especially because we actually got to hear the queen herself, Idina Menzel belt her heart out. I mean hearing the Wicked star sing “The Magic of Andalasia” and absolutely slay the power ballad “Love Power” was so fun. 

One person on Twitter captured their excitement while watching the Frozen star’s shining moment in Disenchanted, posting: 

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As for the other songs in the film, this user posted a funny meme about Giselle’s tendency to break out into song anytime something went slightly wrong, tweeting

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I feel like this tweet also encapsulates the general energy of evil Giselle in the movie, and watching Amy Adams switch from good to evil was wicked fun. 

If you re-watch the movie, I’m sure all these silly thoughts from fans will add an extra layer of fun and nostalgia to your viewing. Also, if you go back and watch Disenchanted make sure to look out for all the fun Easter eggs that are peppered all over the sequel. All these fun callbacks and nostalgic memories tied to Disenchanted really do make it a fun and magical addition to the 2022 movie schedule, especially if you grew up loving Enchanted. 

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