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Mark Zuckerberg Just Shared His Second Child With The World

Of course, Mark Zuckerberg chose the perfect way to announce the birth of his second child. Get the details.

Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe Has A New TV Show Coming That Sounds Pretty Great

Mike Rowe has faced a lot of dirty jobs in his career, but his new TV show sounds way cleaner and more meaningful than a lot of gigs out there.

Facebook To Produce Original TV Shows

Streaming video is all the rage nowadays, and Facebook is looking to get in the game in some pretty big ways that could change the social media streaming game.

One Cancelled TV Show Might Get Saved By Facebook

Cancellation doesn't necessarily mean the end for TV shows nowadays as other networks and streaming services step in with the save. Facebook may rescue one show that got the axe not too long ago.

How Facebook Is Trying To Be Your TV Now

Facebook is already the home for news on friends, family, and that guy you met one time at a bar and still haven't deleted for whatever reason, and now it's trying to be your television.

Facebook Just Jumped Into The Live Streaming Business

If you've ever wanted to more seamlessly merge your social media audience with your livestreaming audience, Facebook has now made available the tools to do exactly that.

The Dudes Forced To Take Their Girl's Instagram Pic Now Have Their Own Dedicated Feed

Behind every great Instagram photo is a devoted boyfriend.

Oculus Has Been Ordered To Pay A Lot Of Money In The ZeniMax Lawsuit, Here's What Happened

The long-running lawsuit concerning Oculus technology has finally come to a close, with ZeniMax being awarded a large sum of money over a non-disclosure agreement that, according to the ruling, Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey violated.

Watch Mark Zuckerberg One-Up Tony Stark With His Own J.A.R.V.I.S. Home A.I.

If you thought the JARVIS of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was impressive, wait until you see what Mark Zuckerberg has cooked up with his own A.I. that just happens to share his name.

Movie News
Facebook Just Added A New Way To Play Classic Video Games

Classic Namco, Taito and Atari arcade games have made their way to Facebook. Even more than that, the social media giant has introduced a new way in which classic games from the aforementioned publishers can be played online, all from the comfort of your browser.

League of Angels 2's Expansion Has Launched

The newest expansion pack for League of Angels 2 from game maker GTArcade has arrived for its more than 30 million users. The game spans localization for 45 different countries and continues to grow and expand across the Facebook community.

How To Watch The Election Results Streaming

If you don't have cable, it's pretty easy to access election results in terms of news articles that are being written and updated at the major outlets on a pretty regular basis. However, if you'd like to actually view what is going on live, there are still quite a few options out there, although it certainly depends on what sort of flavor you are looking for.

Facebook Just Made Developing VR Games A Lot Cheaper

Epic Games and Oculus have collaborated together for a new way for developers -- especially those classified as indie -- to cut operating expenses when developing games and apps for the Oculus Rift. Facebook Oculus will be stepping in to cover royalty fees for some VR projects.

Facebook Is About To Make It Easier To Get Movie Tickets

There are very few things that you can't do on Facebook these days. While the site started as a simple way to network with people, it's now become a hub for nearly all activity that has ever been possible on the internet. Now, we can add another new feature.

Movie News
Disney Just Shut Down Two Of Its Marvel Games, Get The Details

There are about to be a few less superheroes in this world as Disney Interactive announces the imminent shutdown of a pair of games featuring Captain America, Iron-Man and the rest of the Marvel universe.

A Lawsuit Against Oculus VR Is Getting Ugly

The lawsuit over virtual reality technology involving ZeniMax and Oculus is heating up, with statements filed by the former specifically calling out parties of the latter, including Brendan Iribe, John Carmack, Palmer Luckey, and even Facebook.

Now you Can Stream Blizzard Games On Facebook Live

Facebook and Blizzard have teamed up together to allow gamers to make use of some new integrated APIs in Facebook for streaming Blizzard games, and Blizzard will be implementing an API to make it easy to stream content from the game directly to Facebook.

A US Senator Has Spoken Up About Oculus Rift Privacy Issues

Over the past week or so, a lot of chatter has been kicking up about the Oculus Rift and its privacy issues. What kind of privacy issues? Very invasive privacy issues. Well, one U.S. Senator is not standing by idly while Facebook gleans personal information off its VR users with the Rift.

Why Straight Outta Compton Created Different Trailers For Different Racial Groups

While it was criminally ignored by the Academy Awards, one thing is certain about Straight Outta Compton it made a boatload of money. Now, we know a little bit more about why they may have been so successful.

Movie News
Could Thursday Night Football Stream Live On Facebook?

In the sports world, football is king and the major networks generally shell out millions and millions of dollars just to secure the rights to a few games on broadcast TV. But streaming rights are currently wide open.

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