The Last Jedi Breakout Kelly Marie Tran Set To Star In A New TV Show

Rose Kelly Marie Tran Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Kelly Marie Tran has turned the heads of more than a few Hollywood executives since starring as Rose in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and the actress is starting to land more roles in other projects. Tran is making the jump from the silver screen to the streaming screen with Facebook and Elizabeth Olsen, as she was cast in the upcoming dark comedy series Sorry For Your Loss, which will be one of the social media platform's first forays into long-form high production video content for its Facebook Watch brand.

In Sorry for Your Loss, Kelly Marie Tran's Jules is the younger sister of Elizabeth Olsen's character, Leigh Gibbs. Jules is described as "the most fun girl at the party," and that positive outlook will be helpful, considering she'll be helping her widowed sister Leigh get over the death of her husband by getting back out in the dating world. Leigh isn't the only one struggling, however, as Variety reported Jules will fight to maintain her sobriety in the wake of her brother-in-law's death, and she'll look to become a more responsible person, as opposed to the "well-meaning disaster" label she typically fits under.

Sorry For Your Loss has been a longtime passion project for both Elizabeth Olsen and the creator and writer Kit Steinkellner. The emotional comedy was in development Showtime prior to its acquisition by Facebook, which is attempting to get its 100 million+ user base to invest in streaming long-form dramas. The 10-episode series was previously called Widow, although that title conflicted with other previously released projects, which is probably why the series is now called Sorry For Your Loss.

Sorry For Your Loss landing Kelly Marie Tran after her Last Jedi breakout shows that Facebook is serious about bringing attention to its television projects. With two big Hollywood names already attached to this project, it'll be interesting to see just how much talent Facebook can bring to this show, and its other in-development series, in order to raise awareness for its original programming. Whether or not audiences will stop sharing prank videos and memes long enough to take notice remains to be seen, but one assumes more than a handful of folks will be impressed enough by this show's burgeoning cast to give Sorry For Your Loss a shot.

Sorry For Your Loss is headed to Facebook's video platform Facebook Watch, but no release date for the project has been given at this time. For a look at some other originals that are about to come to streaming, head on over to our Netflix premiere guide, Hulu premiere guide, and Amazon premiere guide and stay in the loop. For a look at what's coming to television in 2018 in a more general sense, our midseason premiere guide is a great resource.

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