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Gamefly Is Shutting Down Its Streaming Service

While some believe streaming is the future of gaming, that future will not include Gamefly. It was announced today that, at the end of the month, Gamefly Streaming will be shutting down.

GameFly Launches Desktop Client With Free Game

After a nice, long beta period, GameFly, Inc. has today announced that its PC client has officially launched. So, yeah, now everyone can take advantage of the GameFly PC offerings without that pesky word “beta” attached to the experience.

Weekly Recap Oct. 17th: Mass Effect 2 On PS3, Brutal Legend Review, inFamous 2

Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 gets explained, a new interview for Torchlight surfaces, reviews for Brutal Legend and Uncharted 2 make the cut and a special Cities XL trailer featuring the Jamie McKinley theme song is inside.

Postal Worker Steals Over 2,000 GameFly Games

If you live in the Philadelphia and have had GameFly games go missing on you, Reginald Johnson might be to blame. The former Philadelphia postal worker admitted in court on Thursday that he stole 2,200 GameFly envelopes.

GameFly Reveals Hottest Game Rentals Of 2008

Online rental service GameFly has compiled its statistics for 2008 video game rentals and released a list of the top ten most wanted titles among its subscribers. The results are based on total number of times a game was added to users' queues

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