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We have a lot of good news for gamers in this edition of the Blend Games Weekly Recap. A new Torchlight interview is up to give gamers a little something to peruse over the weekend; new details on the Mass Effect 2 slip-up has come to light with EA putting themselves in the hot-seat once again. After all the praise was shoveled out for Brutal Legend, Blend Games’ Pete Haas gives an honest review of the game…no company incentive-comments included, either. News about the sequel to this year’s spark-casting, open-world action game for the PS3 has also surfaced…yep, inFamous 2 is on the way but it was revealed in an odd way. We also have up the awesome sounding, full theme song by Jamie McKinley for Cities XL. These stories and more in this October 17th edition of the Blend Games Weekly Recap.


Review: Uncharted 2 Among Thieves. Pete Haas kicks off the week with a review of one of the most anticipated PS3 games of the year. And all I’m saying is that the scores match the hype.

Just Cause 2: The Island Of Panua Video Trailer. Avalanche Studios takes gamers on a little tour of a very big interactive island.

Star Wars The Old Republic Dev Doc For Coruscant. Find out how players will venture about the planet made entirely of a metropolis.

Resistance 3 Revealed Through Billboard. What better way to discover a brand new, triple-A, big-budget game than through billboard advertising?

Games On TV In The Wake Of Gameswipte. The Game reviews goes over the future of interactive gaming via…TV?

Escapist Games Announce Platypus For Xbox Live Indie Games. New indie game on the way and it has a little something to do with a Platypus.

Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga Review. Blend Games’ own Rich Knight tackles the difficult task of reviewing a not-so-great Wii RPG.


No Left 4 Dead 2 And Mass Effect 2 For PS3. Despite the rumors, the hype the news and the insinuations, it’s all false when it comes to these two titles being on the PS3.

Totemo: A Debut Trailer That Leaves You Scratching Your Head. It’s a better puzzle game than what’s lead on in the debut trailer. The music isn’t bad, though.

Cyberbike For Wii Screenshots Include Actual Exercise Bike. A rather large package containing a bike and an exercising game. There are screenshots to prove it, too.

Stronghold Collection Coming October 27th Stronghold fans can get all the Stronghold madness in one complete collection, starting at the end of the month.

DreamCast’s Rush Rush Rally Racing Receives Deluxe Edition. Even though everyone got rid of their Dreamcasts, RedSpotGames is still working hard to bring a new game to the failed system.

Interstellar Marines Vault Is Now Open; Kiss Screenshots And Trailers Goodbye. The Vault apparently doesn’t like other forms of media assets.

One Pre-Paid Gaming Card Now Available For Online Gaming. Need to purchase market points without giving your credit card number out to every MMO publisher out there? Try the ONE card.

Queens Rock Band Possible. Well, if there’s a Lego Rock Band why not one for 80’s British sensation, Queen?

Ballad Of Gay Tony Screenshots: Either A Very Large Man Or A Very Small City. One of the biggest releases of the year gets a few more screenshots and in the world of Gay Tony, it’s either really big or really small.


Left 4 Dead 2 Achievements Reveal Noam Chomsky Joke. American philosopher featured in a modern zombie game? Well, the only important brain in a zombie game is a splattered one.

DreamKiller Now Available On Steam; Xbox 360 Version Coming Soon. Apyr’s FPS is now available with the Xbox 360 version arriving later in the month.

Mobile Forces Released On GoG. Good Old Games now has a cheap, system-light multiplayer shooter game for those of you who have decade old PCs and laptops.

First Six Pages Of Mass Effect Redemption Hit The Net. Want to find out what the new novel is like? Well, the first-six pages are currently available for perusal.

Madden NFL Arcade Announced; First Screenshots Released. Yet another Madden game, but I’m sure football fans won’t complain.

Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Collection Arrives In November.

Uncharted: Eye Of Indra Announced. A new Uncharted already? Well, not quite. Read the whole article find out what’s really going on with this project.

inFamous 2 Exposed By Voice Actor. Another top-notch game given away by a voice actor. Think Sony will be mad? Click the link to find out.

Telsa Motors Giving Away Free Roadster In Dark Void Contest. The environment friendly sports-car is actually being handed out for free. Find out how to get your hands on one.

Review: Brutal Legend Blend Games’ Pete Haas gives the verdict on this roc-and-roll, multi-genre RPG.

New Splatterhouse Screenshots Arrive Just In Time For Halloween. This gore-fest of a game gets a few more gory screenshots. Perfect for horror fans and just in time for Halloween.

Hardcore Gamers More Likely To Develop ADD According To Recent Study. Yep, hardcore gamers are more attention deficit yet at the same time, more responsive. Check out the full article for this startling find.


Grand Theft Auto Ballad Of Gay Tony; Fizz Trailer And Nightlife Gameplay Information. A club named Fizz? New nightlife interaction in the game? Well, you can only get all the details inside the link. It just might make you fizz your pants.

Scene It? Game Website Opens For Hollywood Hopefuls. Create a character, partake in quizzes, have fun with friends and create your own content…what more could you ask for from an online gaming social network site?

Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Public Release Date Details Announced. The demo isn’t just for people willing to pay an arm and a leg for it…but find out when you’ll be able to get your hands on it.

Review: Forza Motorsport 3. Ryan Rigney takes this deep simulator on a thorough test run. Find out just how many stars this game ended up with.

Kojima Wants Zone Of The Enders 3. Giant mech battling game made by Kojima? Count me in.

Earth Eternal: Free-To-Play 3D Browser Game Now Entering Open Beta. It’s actually a really awesome looking game. Be sure to check it out.

Black Wiimotes Coming In November. Don’t like the stale colors of the current Wii-motes? Well, black will be the new color of cool for Wii-mote this upcoming November.

PSP’s Zombie Tycoon Now Powered By The Vicious Engine. This upcoming PSP minis is running on some powerful hardware. Check out the article for the full details.

Gran Turismo 5: Kazunori Yamauchi Talks About Starting From Scratch. It’s not an easy thing to do but PolyPhony Digital did just that…start from scratch with Gran Turismo 5.


Postal Worker Steals Over 2,000 GameFly Games. Honestly, 2,000? The real question is how did he have time to play them all?

The Beatles Rock Band ‘Share The Love’ Song Contest Announced. Win a trip to Las Vegas simply by combining song titles of Beatles songs. Seems easy, right? Well then click the link and start writing your own song, love.

250GB PlayStation 3 Priced And Dated For North America. Yet another PS3 rendition to competitively deal with the ever-changing price of the Xbox 360.

Lead And Gold Website Launched; Red Dead Best Watch Out. An awesome new website for the upcoming third-person Western shooter.

Karos Online Closed Beta Event Features Prizes To Be Won. After winning events during closed-beta testing players can redeem their prizes during open-beta.

Rockstar PSP Legacy Collection And PSP Storefront Announced. Need to brush up on classic Rockstar games on your PSP? Look no further than the Legacy Collection.

EA Making Money For Breast Cancer With EA Sports Complex. As if they don’t make enough money already, they want gamers to buy some jerseys to support breast cancer.

Dragon Age Journeys Revealed. Flash-based Dragon Age game released for those who just can’t wait for the real thing.

Alpha Protocol Delay Explained. Sega and Obsidian finally talk about the Alpha Protocol delay.

Uncharted 2 Gets Multiplayer Update. You know all those annoying things about the MP beta during Uncharted 2? Well, no more griping required…they’ve been fixed.

Arabic Rappelz Fights Starvation For A Billion People. More than a billion people are buried in poverty…at least one game company is fighting to do something about it publicly.


Red Factoin Games 25% Off On Steam. Classic series at a classic price. Too good an opportunity to pass up? It would be a crime to do so.

Assassin’s Creed II: All Is Fair In Love And War Dev Doc. Ubisoft talks about and explains all the different ways of fighting in Assassin’s Creed 2.

Is PlaySega Worth Your Money? Well, is it? Blend Games’ Ryan Rigney play-tests the new website that’s full of fun opportunities. Find out if it lives up to its subscription prices.

Mass Effect 2 Release Date Announced; GameStop Pre-Order Incentives Detailed. Release dates revealed for a console that doesn’t include PS3.

X-Com Series 50% Cheaper This Weekend. Feel like spending the weekend searching dark corners for little bug-eyed aliens? Well, You can do so 50% cheaper thanks to GamersGate.

Allods Online Soccer Mode And New Screenshots Revealed. Goblinoball takes place at the Competition Arena and it involves kicking around a goblin.

Dual SFX PS3 Pro Controllers Arriving In Time For Modern Warfare 2. Awesome, custom-designed controllers with dual-stick analog functionality. Check out the article for the full details on this FPS-designed controller set.

Star Wars The Old Republic Balmorra Screenshots And Concept Art. New screens, new art and a new look at one of the other explore-worthy worlds on the game.

CapSized Debut Trailer Mimics A 2D BioShock. Running around fighting undersea monsters and battling in unique and artistic environments sets this game apart from the XBLA herd.


Interview: Torchlight. Find out more about this action-RPG that happens to be a budget-priced title.

R.U.S.E. Pump Fake Trailer. As if a game with the name ruse needs to fake anyone out?

Dragon Age Origins Interview: Lead Developer Mike Laidlaw. A new interview with Dragon Age Origins developer, courtesy of The Game Reviews.

New Tekken 6 Viral Video. A new fight-time motivation trailer from the good folks over at Stick Skills.

Raiden IV: Co-Op Review. Never heard of this game? Doesn’t matter, Co-Optimus gives insight into whether this co-op game is worth your time.

Electronic Theatre In-Depth Review: Ninja Captains. We round out the week with this little gem of a review from the guys and gals over at Electronic Theatre. Find out if this Wii title is worth your money and time.

That wraps up this week’s edition of the recap here at Blend Games. As always, we wouldn’t leave you high and dry with just some parting words…you can check out the awesome theme song and some gameplay to the recently released Cities XL. The theme song happens to be by Jamie McKinley. And remember to stay tuned in for more gaming news, info, media and updates right here at Blend Games.

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