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The Big Questions Gremlins 3 Will Ask, According To Chris Columbus

There have been two Gremlins movies, the original (a sweetly sinister Christmas thriller in 1984) and its sequel (a bizarre, high-concept failure that hit in 1990). They're both so wildly different in tone and execution that a third movie could have gone in any direction and fans, at the very least, would have remained curious.

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10 Awesome Throwback Movies To Show Your Kids If They Dig Monster Trucks

Did you and your kids enjoy Monster Trucks? Then there's a good chance you'll enjoy these classics, all available for home viewing. Take a look at the list inside, and prepare for a trip back in time!

What’s Happening With Gremlins 3, According To One Actor

Progress with Gremlins 3 has been off and on for years now, and it's not super clear what's going on with the supposed sequel. Gremlins veteran Zach Galligan has stepped in to help fill in some of the blanks.

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The 10 Best Horror-Comedies, Ranked

While horror is the genre that makes Halloween what it is, the horror-comedy is what helps make this season the great fun that it's always been known for. But what are the best of the best in the field of laughs and screams in one, neat package? Read on to see what we feel are the top 10 horror-comedies out there.

8 Movies You Won't Believe Are Only Rated PG

It’s a fairly well known story at this point. In 1984, Steven Spielberg directed Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom while simultaneously producing Gremlins. Both movies received PG ratings. This did not go over well with families. However, the PG-13 rating did not solve the problem.

The Bold Idea Gremlins 3 May Use To Spice Up The Franchise

We don’t know much about what the long-rumored Gremlins 3 will be, other than the fact that we’re fairly confident it will eventually exist. But what do you do with the Gremlins 30 years after the fact?

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How Gremlins 3 Might Follow The Jurassic World Model

Another Gremlins movie has been in the works for years, but rather than reboot or restart the franchise, they might borrow a page from Jurassic World and pick up the action in the same continuity.

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10 Great Horror Movies Your Kids Can Watch

Horror has always been seen as a genre primarily for adults. However, that doesn’t mean that we haven’t seen some truly amazing horror movies made specifically for all audiences come out over the years, and now seems like the perfect time to celebrate those titles.

Why The Goonies Screenwriter Will Never Abandon Goonies 2

Though another Goonies doesn’t seem like it will ever see the light of day, original writer Chris Columbus says he will never give up hope. Here's what he said.

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Why Gremlins Didn't Use Monkeys To Create The Special Effects

Gremlins' titular beasts were almost played by monkeys. But poop got in the way.

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Why Gremlins' Director Won't Be Involved With The Remake

Having directed both Gremlins and Gremlins 2: The New Batch, director Joe Dante deserves a great deal of the credit for making the franchise as beloved as it is to this day. Unfortunately, though, the filmmaker will not be a part of the upcoming reboot, and there's what seems to be a pretty simple reason: he doesn't possess any ownership of the property.

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Why The Gremlins Reboot Is Happening

There have been rumblings about a Gremlins reboot for years, but Chris Columbus, writer of the original, recently revealed that it is in fact happening, and gave the reasons why.

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The Gremlins Reboot Just Took Another Big Step Forward

There’s been a lot of “one step forward, two steps back” movement with the Gremlins reboot, but things finally seem to be getting back on track. Attempting to firm up the production team, Warner Bros. has hired Carl Ellsworth to write the script.

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Why The Gremlins Reboot Might Not Happen Anymore

Gremlins have been on the radar in recent months, due to the news there was a reboot in the works. However, to many of our dismay, word on the street is that it’s probably not going to happen anymore.

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Only One Man Knows How To Make A Gremlins Movie

Hollywood used to love Joe Dante, but now they seem to be just friends with him. Which is a shame, because if they have any hopes of ever seeing the Gremlins make their way to the big screen again, they need to go through him.

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Gremlins Original Poster Reveals An Awesome Amblin Easter Egg

Earlier this month, Gremlins celebrated its 30th anniversary, so the timing couldn't be more perfect for this great little easter egg. Take a look at the poster for the 1984 film, which shows someone carrying a box full of Gizmo. See if you can spot a very subtle nod to Steven Spielberg's production logo...

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Gremlins Star Zach Galligan Wants A Specific Part In The Reboot

Zach Galligan reveals how the 28-year-old special effects guys had zero confidence in Gizmo or Spike actually working. “He was very self-deprecating and unsure of himself but he was, of course, proved incredibly wrong,” Galligan said. And he shared great stories about being 19, shooting a movie, working with Phoebe Cates, and being able to play all of the arcade games in Steven Spielberg’s private offices.

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Gremlins Reboot May Be Back On Fast Track At Warner Bros.

The original film – about a father who gives his son a mystical creature as a Christmas gift, only to have things, go terribly wrong – was entertainingly creepy, with plenty of black humor laced throughout. But the premise could use a technological polish. Imagine how cute little Gizmo could be with the right CGI, or a motion-capture performance?

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45 Important Lessons Christmas Movies Have Taught Us

For the seasoned holiday celebrator, there are many vital Christmas lessons that will eventually be learned over the years. Like not to wait until Christmas Eve to do your shopping, remember to keep the tree watered and if you have a cat, put the shiniest and most delicate ornaments out of paw's reach, if possible. Also avoid tinsel. If you have a cat, you know why. As it happens, movies are also chock full of learning lessons, especially Christmas movies...

Do We Need A Gremlins Reboot?

Yesterday word hit that Warner Bros is in talks with Steven Spielberg's Amblin about relaunching Gremlins, which has spurred both cheers and outrage from fans of Gizmo and the gang. Here at Cinema Blend we're divided on the issue. Sean's already exhausted from the recent rash of '80s remakes, and Kristy is optimistic about its possibilities.

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