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Halo Is Getting A Mixed Reality Experience

Microsoft seems to be branching out from the typical norms when it comes to producing content for the Halo franchise. The game has traditionally been a linear first-person shooter experience, but with 343 at the development helm, Microsoft wants to take Halo beyond the norm and into the realm of mixed reality.

12 Movies That Probably Are Never Going To Happen

Have you ever read about a movie and thought, "This is never going to get made." Chances are you've thought that a lot, and these are 12 of the movies in question that likely won't see the light of day.

Halo 5 Is Re-Tuning A Bunch Of Weapons

Since the next Halo game is too early in development to talk about, the team at 343 Industries have decided to put in some extra work to keep Halo 5 engaging and balanced moving forward. To that end, the developer has offered some details on a number of tweaks that will soon be made to about a dozen of the game's weapons.

Major Halo Update Includes Backward Compatibility And Xbox One X Support

343 Industries and Microsoft have huge plans for the Xbox One and Xbox One X this fall when it comes to _Halo _games. In a recent update we learned that those of you who already own classic Halo titles will soon be able to play them via backwards compatibility on the Xbox One and Xbox One X.

343 Industries Has Given The Green Light To A Fan-Made Halo Game

Releasing a fan-made game inspired by existing properties can be a tricky business, but not impossible. The team behind Installation 01, for instance, seem to be moving in a very positive direction with their Halo game, even receiving a tentative nod from the team at 343 Industries.

The Reason Halo: Combat Evolved Added A Subtitle

The original Halo isn't referred to as Halo 1. We oftentimes refer to the first game on the OG Xbox as Halo: Combat Evolved. But, why? Well, we finally received some details on how Halo managed to get the subtitle for Combat Evolved.

Bad News For Halo Fans Heading To E3

If you're a Halo fan looking forward to E3, you'll have to settle for some bad news regarding the next entry in Master Chief's ongoing saga.

343 Industries Head Leaves Halo For HoloLens

One of the key design leads behind the Halo series working at 343 Industries is parting ways with the studio and moving into a completely separate division at Microsoft away from gaming. What will the new job be? Working with HoloLens.

343 Admits They Screwed Up With Halo 5's Story

343 Industries has acknowledged that they bungled the story with Halo 5: Guardians. They burnt the cake. They fried the pizza for too long. They cut the custard too deep. I think you get the picture. Well, they plan on fixing the story for the next outing and putting the focus back on Master Chief.

Halo Wars 2's Launch Trailer Is Here, Check It Out

Creative Assembly, 343 Industries and Microsoft are gearing up for the release of Halo Wars 2 on Xbox One and Windows 10, and they have a new trailer that just went live for the game to help introduce players to the gameplay and world.

Halo 5 Has Added Some Awesome Content

If you're looking for a good reason to drop back into Halo 5, the team at 343 Industries has decided to put out the welcome mat in the form of a couple of new updates. Starting this weekend, you can jump into a fan-favorite mode on a new map, as well as download some new skins for your gear in the form of a fresh Req Pack.

Halo May Be Coming For A Younger Audience, Here's What We Know

One of the big talks circulating within the gaming community from last week was about a Halo game centered around the Mega Bloks property for the Xbox 360. The game was cancelled, but the spirit of the title has lived on and generated enough buzz that the idea may not be dead and gone entirely within the circles of Microsoft.

New Video Reveals A Canceled Halo Mega Bloks Game

You may have remembered a short while ago that it was revealed that Halo never received a Lego brick set, but the brand was licensed to Mega Bloks. Well, it turns out that there was supposedly a Mega Bloks game based on Halo that was in the works, and some new video footage reveals the canceled game.

Why You Should Hurry Up And Play Halo This Weekend

343 Industries is giving away a special gift for those who play Halo 5: Guardians this weekend. In fact, the gift is only going to be available as part of the "Thanks Given" celebration they held in lieu of Thanksgiving. So what is the gift? Something special.

It's Your Last Chance To Get The Halo 15th Anniversary REQ Pack

Celebrating its 15th birthday, the Halo series has come a long way since it first launched on the Xbox back in 2001. As part of this momentous occasion, the team at 343Industries have made a collection of items available for all comers in Halo 5, and today is the last day to grab yours.

Halo 5 Update Just Released Just Got Very Festive For Halloween

343 Industries has yet to let an opportunity slip by them when it comes to squeezing in new content for Halo 5. The latest update for the game features some festive new community levels for the zombie-mode, all arriving just in time for Halloween.

Could We Get A LEGO Halo Game? Here's What 343 Says

The head of the Halo brand, Bonnie Ross, recently talked about all the crazy ideas 343 is working on and ruminating about, and one of the things that Microsoft and 343 are considering is expanding the brand to appeal to a larger audience.

Here's What You Need For The New Halo DLC

Microsoft alongside 343 Industries is prepping to take Halo 5: Guardians to the next level by introducing Halo 5: Forge to PC gamers. Of course, before that update arrives you'll likely need to find out if your Windows 10-powered PC can handle the Forge.

Here's How The Halo Wars 2 Beta Will Impact The Final Game

According to a recent report, the beta for Halo Wars 2 is leading to some pretty significant changes in the final build of the game based off of player feedback. In other words, this was an actual beta for the game, not a glorified stress test.

Is The Halo TV Series Ever Happening? Here’s What Xbox’s Exec Says

It's been a LONG time since we've heard anything about the Halo TV series, leaving many to wonder if it was even still happening. This is what the Head of Xbox has to say about it.

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