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What Kevin Smith Is Doing With The Money He's Making From Weinstein Movies

The Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment stories have pervaded every corner of the Internet, leading people who were involved with Harvey Weinstein to talk.

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7 Kevin Smith Characters Who Should Return For Jay And Silent Bob Reboot

Now that Brian O'Halloran has confirmed he'll be back as Dante Hicks for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, we've gathered some other Kevin Smith characters from the View Askewniverse who are also worth bringing back.

Jay And Silent Bob Reboot Is Bringing Back A Kevin Smith Favorite

A longtime Kevin Smith collaborator has confirmed that they'll be back in the View Askewniverse for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

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When Jay And Silent Bob Reboot Is Finally Getting Off The Ground

Six months after Kevin Smith announced the existence of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Kevin Smith has announced when the cameras will finally start rolling on the sequel.

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Watch Kevin Smith Ugly Cry Over The End Of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2's ending was pretty hard on all of us, but it seems to have affected Kevin Smith worst of all.

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Clerks Actress Lisa Spoonauer Is Dead At 44

Lisa Spoonauer, an actress known for playing Caitlin Bree in the cult favorite movie Clerks, is dead at 44.

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The DCEU Movie Kevin Smith Would Love To Direct

The DCEU is need of some new directors, and Kevin Smith wants to get in on a very specific upcoming project.

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How Arrow Will Be Different In Season 6, According To The Executive Producer

With the tail end of Season 5 of Arrow already off to a rocking start, you have to wonder what's ahead as we go into Season 6. Surprisingly, executive producer Wendy Mericle is more than willing to reveal some changes to the show going forward.

Kevin Smith Is Making A Spawn Spinoff Series

The celebrity geek director is taking on characters from the series Spawn, and it sounds awesome.

The Mallrats TV Show Just Got Bad News From Kevin Smith

It seemed like Kevin Smith would make a big splash on TV with a series follow-up to Mallrats, but the filmmaker dished out some bad news about the project.

Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back Is Getting A Sequel

Kevin Smith's pot-smoking, hetero-lifemates will be back on the big screen soon, as their 2001 movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is getting a sequel.

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How The DCEU Should Handle Batman Movies, According To Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith has an idea regarding how DC and Warner Bros. should handle the Batman franchise, and it's a perfect proposal for rabid fans of The Dark Knight

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Kevin Smith Reveals Why He Thinks Ben Affleck Quit Directing Batman

Kevin Smith thinks he knows why Ben Affleck stepped down as the director of the solo Batman movie. Here's what he had to say.

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3 Reasons Kevin Smith Shouldn't Direct The Batman, According To Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith doesn't think he's the right choice to direct the solo Batman movie now that Ben Affleck is out, and his reasons are pretty airtight.

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Why Kevin Smith Can't Stop, Won't Stop Directing Episodes Of Superhero Shows

Kevin Smith brought his superhero expertise to the small screen last year with The Flash, landing even more TV superhero gigs since. Here's why he loves taking these jobs.

No New Supergirl This Week, But Watch The Awesome Trailer For Kevin Smith's Midseason Premiere

Supergirl has been off the air for a while, and fans have been waiting for new episodes. We're still a couple of weeks away, but we have a pretty epic trailer for the midseason premiere. Check it out!

Batman Is Finally Heading To The Goldbergs In The Best Way

The Goldbergs will finally soon bring Batman into its 1980s-flavored world, and the ABC comedy is doing it in the best way possible.

Kevin Smith’s Birthday Message To Stan Lee Says Exactly What All Of Us Are Thinking

Stan Lee just turned 94, and director Kevin Smith has found the perfect way to celebrate the legend.

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Kevin Smith Wants To Remake A Classic Disney Movie

When you think of Disney, Kevin Smith probably isn't the first filmmaker to pop into your head, but he would love to resurrect one nearly forgotten movie from Disney's archives.

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How The Flash Is Helping Kevin Smith Make The Movies He Wants

Kevin Smith has been expanding his work on TV lately, most notably on The Flash, and he shared his thoughts on how The Flash is actually helping out the feature film side of his career.

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