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The Most Important Aspects Of Storytelling, According To Disney+ Launchpad Directors

What's the most important aspect of storytelling to you? Here's what Disney+'s Launchpad directors say.

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Disney+’s Launchpad Directors Share Inspirations Behind Season One Stories

Many of Disney's Launchpad filmmakers drew from their own life experiences to tell these stories, and it paid off.

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Why Holiday Education Is Important, According To Disney+ Launchpad Film Director

American Eid follows young Ameena, a Muslim Pakistani immigrant, who wakes up on Eid to find out that in America, she has to go to school on the holiday.

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Disney+ Launchpad Film Director On Embracing Identity

The director of Dinner Is Served from Disney's Launchpad collection discusses an impactful moment from the film inspired by his own life.

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Why Disney’s Launchpad Program Is So Successful

Disney's revolutionary Launchpad program is changing the game for young filmmakers from underrepresented backgrounds.

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Disney Debuts Season One Trailers For Innovative New Series Launchpad

Each of these stories tugs at the heartstrings in true Disney fashion.

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