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Star Citizen Developer Has Responded To Crytek Lawsuit

Cloud Imperium Games responded to the lawsuit initiated by Crytek against Roberts Space Industries and Cloud Imperium Games regarding Star Citizen and Squadron 42, the crowdfunded space simulators that were running on the CryEngine.

Nintendo Loses Appeal In Motion Control Lawsuit

Nintendo can't ever seem to catch a break when it comes to lawsuits, patent infringements, and someone claiming that the company stole an idea or two. Well, Nintendo lost yet another lawsuit, this time for a case involving the original Wii-mote.

The Lawsuit Star Wars And Disney Just Got Involved With

When you're a big company with a brand to protect, lawsuits are a pretty standard part of the game. However, usually, that means a company has to defend itself against suits. In a new case, Disney is actually filling the suit.

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Johnny Depp Is Dealing With A Lawsuit Over Money, Again

Johnny Depp has been dealing with a lot of money issues in recent months. However, things just seem to continue to pile up for the actor, as a new financial problem has been added to the pile, a brand new lawsuit.

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Steve Harvey Is Being Sued For Fraud Involving Charity

It has been a strange year for comedian Steve Harvey, but the setbacks are continuing with this new lawsuit.

Why Hulu Is Being Sued By Customers

Hulu is getting sued by customers for not providing a service vital to some of its subscribers.

Why Disney Is Being Sued Over Frozen

Frozen is one of the biggest hits ever from a studio that knows a thing or two about hits. However, somebody has their eye on some of that sweet, sweet, Frozen cash, as the movie is now being sued.

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The Makers Of The Humvee Are Suing Activision

AM General, the makers of Humvee, are suing Activision. The lawsuit has spawned after the company claims that Activision has been using the Humvee and HMMWV as a selling point for the Call of Duty franchise. Cue the litigation and what's bound to be months of back and finger-pointing until the court makes a decision.

Mad Max: Fury Road Director George Miller Is Suing Warner Bros.

Mad Max: Fury Road wound up being one of the most significant hits of 2015 - but there's trouble behind the scenes.

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Johnny Depp's Issues With His Management Company Are Finally Coming To A Head

Johnny Depp has been involved in an ongoing legal dispute with his former business managers for some time. However, while most of what's been going back and forth between the two sides previously has been just talk, that all just changed.

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How Much Rebel Wilson Made After Winning The Lawsuit About Her Age

Rebel Wilson holds a new record for her landmark award in the defamation case against the media company that said she lied about her age.

Nintendo Is Being Sued Over The Switch Joy-Con Design

Lawsuits are somewhat common whenever a new product enters the market, especially if that product is popular. For this reason, the news that Nintendo is getting sued over the Switch is not particularly surprising.

The Lawsuit Against Disney’s Zootopia Is Heating Up Again

Disney's Zootopia received praise from nearly every corner when it was released in 2016. However, the film has been embroiled in legal issues for the last several months claiming Disney stole the concept.

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Mel Gibson Is Suing Over His Latest Movie

Mel Gibson has been slowly working on a comeback of sorts thanks to popular films like the recent Hacksaw Ridge. However, now the actor's latest project is embroiled in a lawsuit, because Gibson filed one.

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Kim Kardashian Was Just Sued For 100 Million Dollars

Kim Kardashian might be the master of selfies, but now the Selfish celebrity is staring at a $100 million lawsuit.

Why Dumb And Dumber To Just Got Hit With A Lawsuit

The sequel to Dumb and Dumber was not quite the breakout hit that the original film had been. Now, it may cost producers a bit more, because it was just hit with a lawsuit.

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The Bizarre Reason James Cameron Is Being Sued Over Titanic

Lawsuits happen all the time in Hollywood. They've become the cost of doing business as sometimes people feel that their ideas were stolen or used without permission.

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James Gunn Weighed In On The Texting At The Movies Lawsuit

James Gunn has given his take on the debacle surrounding the man whose suing a woman for texting while they were watching a movie together.

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A Man Just Sued His Date For Texting During A Movie

If you've ever tried online dating, you should know that dates run the gamit between great and really sucky. Occasionally, they even end in a lawsuit.

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Jerry Bruckheimer Defends Johnny Depp’s Alleged Behavior On The Pirates 5 Set

Johnny Depp's alleged behavior while shooting Pirates 5 might have severely hampered production, but producer Jerry Bruckheimer has now offered a defense for the actor.

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