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Longmire Was Just Cancelled In A Shocking Move By A&E

Boasting almost five million viewers an episode and a pretty rabid fanbase, it was widely assumed Longmire would be auto-stamped for approval by A&E to film another season, but shockingly, the network decided to go in a different direction. Last night, the adaptation of Craig Johnson’s mystery novels was up and cancelled with little more than a short, overly professional statement.

Summer TV Shows: 2014 Premiere Schedule

The Summer TV season is upon us. With new shows like Extant, Rush and Tyrant -- among others -- joining the lineup, and returning series like True Blood, Doctor Who, Under the Dome, Defiance and Graceland lined up, TV has plenty to offer us this summer.

Longmire Renewed For Season 3 While A&E Cancels The Glades

For the last couple of seasons, A&E has put together a crime-oriented summer lineup that takes fans into the heat of Miami and the often very cold weather found in the mountains of Wyoming. While Longmire and The Glades never particularly complemented one another, they did bring in decent ratings for the network. Moving forward, however, A&E has opted to keep Longmire in the schedule but cancel The Glades.

Streaming Watch: 12 Great TV Shows Currently Available On Netflix

It's at this point in the summer that you're either too busy with summer fun to have time for television, or you're sunburnt and sick of barbecue and looking for some alone time, just you and your Netflix. The thing is, Netflix is like a virtual buffet. The thought of feasting on all of the goodies is exciting, but a little bit overwhelming.

Duck Dynasty Season 4 Will Kick Off With One-Hour Premiere In August

A&E’s hit show Duck Dynasty has finally earned a Season 4 premiere date. Fans have known the series would return to A&E’s lineup for a while, but some contract snafus prevented A&E from announcing an official return date for quite some time. Luckily, the turnaround from announcement to premiere won’t be too long. Season 4 of Duck Dynasty is already well into the throes of filming and will hit the schedule on August 14.

This Week In Home Entertainment: Suits Season 2, Longmire Season 1, And Doctor Who

After last week’s stacked deck, this doesn’t seem to be a great week for new releases, although if you are a fan of a few cable programs, you should be able to get your hands on some decent stuff this week, including Season 2 of USA’s Suits and Season 1 of A&E’s drama, Longmire. Read on to learn about some of May 28th’s best releases, and maybe even a few that may have slipped under your radar

Review: The Glades And Longmire Have More In Common Than You Might Think

Capping off a long day of grilling and picnicking, and a long weekend of camping, were A&E’s two big summer original programming premieres. Now in it’s fourth season, The Glades aired a brand new episode on Monday night, followed by the sophomore premiere of Longmire. On the surface, the two have little in common, but through genre and a little fairy dust, the network is making the crime block work.

Longmire Extended Season 2 Trailer Amps Up The Drama And Action

Longmire is gearing up for a Season 2 premiere on A&E. The hour-long drama will hit the schedule on Memorial Day, and the network has put together an extended preview that gives fans a sneak peek at the brand new season of the drama. The extended trailer is a special one, as it goes behind the scenes and talks to the cast, as well as some of the executive producers and writers on the series.

Longmire And The Glades Earn Premieres On A&E, Devious Maids Headed To Lifetime

There’s good news for fans of programming on a couple of different networks this morning. Over at Lifetime, Marc Cherry’s big pilot, Devious Maids, has finally, finally been given a premiere date. There’s good news for fans of A&E’s summer programming, as well. Both Longmire and The Glades have also earned premiere dates.

The 10 Best New Shows Of 2012 Include Girls, Midwives And A Scandal

Every major network listens to hundreds of television pitches each year. A small percentage of those receive a script order, a small percentage of those receive a pilot order, a small percentage of those actually get picked up, and hilariously, an overwhelming majority of those are still not very good. Most new television programs barely make it the full season let alone get picked up for another go around. Fortunately, there are always a dozen or so that somehow navigate through all of those trappings and actually work.

A&E's Sheriff Longmire And Co. Returning For Season 2

On Friday, A&E announced it was greenlighting Longmire for a second season. The show rocked out as the “most watched scripted series debut” during its premiere, pulling in 4.1 million total viewers.

FlixWorthy: Netflix Posts Louie Season 2, Hulu's Got Longmire, And Amazon's Got Dead Like Me

Cinema Blend's guide to streaming returns with a focus on TV and a broader scope. Find out what's new in the world of streaming TV with looks at content from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, and more!

Trailer For A&E's Longmire Introduces The Badass Sheriff

The entire trailer -- the tone, the look, the music -- echoes FX's Justified, and that's definitely not a bad thing. While Longmire will still have to prove itself, Justified has proved that this sort of "Western in modern clothing" show can work brilliantly well.

After Dropping Happy Madison's Big Mike, A&E Picks Up Longmire With Katee Sackhoff and Robert Taylor

A&E is a big fan of male-centric crime dramas with a lighthearted tone. Breakout Kings is full of mischievous one liners, and The Glades is lighthearted to the point of being silly. Following this trend, when A&E was debating whether to pick up Big Mike, an overweight detective comedy from Happy Madison productions or Longmire, a western based on the novels by Craig Johnson

Smallville's Cassidy Freeman Will Visit The Playboy Club

Smallville actress Cassidy Freeman has put her time mingling with metahumans behind her and set her sights on the future. That future, it turns out, will include hanging out with hot girls wearing bunny ears. TVLine is reporting that Freeman, who played the loyalty-switching Tess Mercer/Luthor on Smallville, will play a recurring character on NBC's upcoming The Playboy Club.

Katee Sackhoff To Play Sheriff's Deputy In New Cable Pilot

Based on plot description, it sounds like this role is in Katee Sackhoff’s wheelhouse. She might be sexy, but she’s still fundamentally one of the boys. Portraying a sheriff’s deputy and a love interest should play to her strengths. Plus, I always support Lou Diamond Phillips getting work.

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