Why Longmire Is Popular With Fans, According To His Creator

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Why is the lead character of Longmire still so popular with fans? The creator of the book series on which the series is based has weighed in. For reference, Longmire is a television adaptation based on Craig Johnson’s book series, Walt Longmire Mysteries. The show takes its title from the last name of the eponymous character.

Longmire debuted in 2012 before concluding in 2017. Its first three seasons aired on A&E and quickly garnered status as a success with fans. Then, the unexpected happened. Longmire was cancelled by the cable network after Season 3 in 2014. Thankfully for fans, that was not the end of Longmire. The show was eventually picked up by Netflix.

That was an era when the streaming giant garnered its reputation as a safety net for shows that networks cancelled despite avid fan support. Longmire subsequently returned with Season 4 in 2015. Accordingly, Netflix is where Longmire’s final three seasons were made available. Longmire’s sixth and final season premiered in 2017.

Two years since its conclusion, Walt Longmire remains a popular character with fans. The author of the books the show is based on has his thoughts on why that is. Craig Johnson has a new novel, Land of Wolves, so Walt’s literary adventures are continuing! On the popularity of Longmire’s titular hero, Johnson told UPI:

It speaks to a larger zeitgeist of society. He's not a superhero. He's damaged goods with the death of his wife, with the complexities of his life. But he still tries to get up in the morning and do the right thing, and I think that resonates with people.

While fans of fiction love their morally complicated protagonists, Walt Longmire provides a respite. According to the author behind the fan-favorite character, Walt tries to overcome personal adversity to do the right thing. That's a respectable characteristic for any hero to have. The character and his adventures on the television series, Longmire, continue to draw positive attention from fans.

The story follows Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) as he acts as the sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming. He is also a recent widower when the series begins. The television show chronicles Walt’s pursuit for justice in the wake of crimes that occur. As a neo-Western, Longmire arguably helped pave the way for shows like Paramount Network’s Yellowstone to make their successful bows.

The popularity of Longmire continues to be felt as the show remains on Netflix, where it can add to its fan following, which is a phenomenon that regularly happens with shows on the streamer. Considering Longmire’s enduring favor with fans and the recent success of similar genre series, could the show make a return?

Craig Johnson dished on the possibility and what he said on the topic sounds hopeful. Regarding the potential of the Longmire series continuing at some point, Johnson says:

It would be kind of silly for them to not think about maybe doing some more Longmire. We'll wait and see what happens.

Fans would undoubtedly welcome the lawman’s return. Two years is a long time to wait, but better late than never! For those who want to keep reading about Walt Longmire’s adventures, they can. Craig Johnson has made another entry into the book series, and he is reportedly planning to continue! Longmire lives on!

All six seasons of Longmire are currently available to stream on Netflix along with lots of new content. If you need more options for television content, there are always this fall’s premieres.

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