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The Best Classic Mystery Shows And How To Watch Them

From murder mysteries involving Agatha Christie's most iconic characters to staples of '80s primetime, these are the best Classic mystery shows and how to watch them...

The Real Reason Angela Lansbury Left Film And Theater For Murder, She Wrote

Once upon a time, there was quite a stigma attached to film and theater actors who decided to head to the small screen. But, Murder, She Wrote legend Angela Lansbury took a long break from film and theater to do just that, and now we know what led her to that decision.

The Octavia Spencer Murder, She Wrote Reboot Is Not Going Forward At NBC

Sorry, fans of Murder She Wrote, turns out NBC has decided to not move forward with the proposed and much-buzzed-about reboot of the series. Writer Alexandra Cunningham and producer David Janollari’s take on what was the most beloved and successful series in TV history, had Oscar winner Octavia Spencer in the starring role. Needless to say, the announcement has caught many people by surprise.

Thousands Of Older American Writers Are Now Working In China's Booming TV Industry

Over the past decade or so, television executives have pushed for more realistic violence and more overt sexuality. Collectively, they’ve pushed the once straight-laced genre into a new age of realism. The tone alteration has done wonders for dozens of programs that have proven to fans exactly how brilliant the genre can be

NBC Will Reimagine Murder, She Wrote With Oscar Winner Octavia Spencer

Murder, She Wrote may have been cancelled following CBS’ questionable decision to move it to Thursday nights for the ’95-’96 television season, but oddly, the show never really lost popularity. It still averaged almost ten million viewers an episode during its final season, produced four well-received television movies and aired more than its share of times in syndication.

Why I Miss Murder, She Wrote

Last night, I sat in front of my television and watched a mild-mannered intellectual woman in her mid-60s sit around a table and politely discuss the facts of a murder investigation with her platonic male friend, a kind, non-descript doctor also in his mid-60s. Apart from the case, they also 1) made biscuits and 2) discussed having back problems.

Murder She Wrote Solves More Crimes In Return To Cabot Cove

Would-be sleuths in search of a puzzle-heavy hidden object adventure game need look no further than Cabot Cove. If that name sounds familiar, it's because it was the fictional setting of classic television drama, Murder, She Wrote, as well as the newest video game in the series, Murder, She Wrote: Return to Cabot Cove. It's available now from Legacy Games.

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